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Whether Top 10 the Most mysterious places of Great Britain

Top 10 the Most mysterious places of Great Britain

are Known by you that a half of all adult population believes in existence of ghosts? It is no wonder that so many tourists come to Britain to visit one of thousands of houses in which as speak, reductions lodged And you treat such type of people?

A cemetery of Haygeyt London

at Night, the cemetery of Haygeyt in London resembles scenery to the horror film. The terrible curved gravestones, headless statues of angels covered with an ivy, the dark lop-sided fences between graves. Without watching the night mystical atmosphere, it is possible to admire Gothic architecture a cemetery of Haygeyt in the afternoon, at one of tours which are conducted there.

The house of the parson in Borli Essex

of History of the House of the parson in Borli is founded, mainly, on researches of the famous hunter on ghosts of the 18th century, Harry Price. He claimed that he became the witness of emergence of the ghost of the nun in this house. The national rumor quickly generated numerous mysterious stories about this mysterious place. The building was destroyed by the fire in 1939, but it was not enough to disseminate a story about phantoms, or to stop hunters on the ghosts visiting the place.

Holm Pendl Lancashire

History of witches of the hill Pendl - the most known case of sorcery in the English history. A huge number of visitors rise by this hill every Halloween after the television show The Most mysterious visited him for Halloween in 2004. The anchorman, Ivette Fielding, declared that it was the most terrible episode which they ever removed.

A pub Red Lev Eyvberi

of Missile defense pubs in Britain often say that they are inhabited by ghosts. Perhaps, these rumors are caused by the fact that pubs often are placed in the buildings built not one decades ago or perhaps ghosts not less ours like to miss pint - another of beer. Red Lion Inn, an institution with 400 - summer history in Wiltshire, is recognized as one of the pubs of Britain which are most inhabited by reductions. The pub is located in the stone circle of Eyvberi which is object of the World heritage of UNESCO and the largest circle of stones in Europe that in many respects strengthens already unusual atmosphere of this place.

A tavern of Ancient Ram Inn Uotton - an ander - Ej

Irrespective of, you believe in ghosts or not, visit of a tavern of Ancient Ram Inn will present you unforgettable impressions. Its creaking floors, cold naked walls, musty smells and dimly lit corners and cracks - here everything that has to be in the real house with reductions. And the stories connected with this terrible house are not intended for the cowardly listener: murders, Satanism and sacrifices of children - here some from the terrifying acts made here. Yes, we will also not forget to mention that the tavern was constructed on the place of a pagan cemetery!

The lock Glemis Angus, Scotland

your attention will be drawn at once by spikes, tourist`s fir-trees, towers and statues of the lock Glemis who is one of the most impressive locks of Scotland. However, it is known not only thanks to tremendous architecture and 600 - summer history. Glemis - one of the locks of Scotland which are most inhabited by reductions. Rooms of the lock inhabit numerous ghosts among which there is Glemis`s Monster - spirit of terribly spoiled child who all life was kept in the locked room.

The Tower of London

the Tower of London is popular not only at the tourists who are often including it in the excursion program many representatives of the world of the dead also found a shelter in its walls. Well, there is no wonder, if to remember how many people it was beheaded, hung up and tortured here. Among ghosts which see here most often, the princes of the Tower who are allegedly killed by the uncle Richard III, Anna Boleyn`s ghost and the White Lady after whose appearance there is a strange smell of perfume.

Heather heathlands of Kulloden bliz Inverness

on April 16, 1746 the last fight on the British earth took place here. On these heathlands bloody slaughter as a result of which revolt of yakobit was suppressed much by the English troops outnumbering them took place. It was the gloomy beginning of the serious repressions which were carried out concerning those who sought to observe customs and traditions of Highland. As you can present, after so bloody fight there could be at least several uncomforted souls. As the legend says, every year in day of anniversary of fight on heathlands it is still possible to hear shouts of the fighters continuing to battle with each other and after death.

A mansion of Llancaiach Fawr Manor of Kaerfili

Looking at the peace rural situation reigning now near a mansion of Llancaiach Fawr Manor it is difficult to present those disorders which were created here during bloody civil war. Great battles of those times left many ghosts wandering around the estate. Strange things occurred in each room of a mansion, in all corridors and on ladders. One saw, others heard reductions, the third felt their presence, and the fourth felt aroma of violets or a lavender, and sometimes - roast beef!

The lock Berri Pomra bliz Totness, Devon

In this lock of the 14th century there live two known female reductions - the White lady and the Blue lady. On a legend, the White lady is a spirit Margaret Pomra who died of hunger in lock vaults, hidden there by the jealous sister. Its ghost wanders on dark vaults and sometimes Sant - Margaret rises by lock walls through a tower. The blue lady wanders where wants, and sometimes entices people into the destroyed halls. To follow Then it - not the best idea!