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Recovery of information. How not to lose the data forever of

Having faced a problem of loss of data, be very attentive and careful! Their destiny can depend on your actions.

Now in the market there is a huge number of the companies which anyway are engaged in recovery of information. The person who for the first time faced a problem of loss of data often just does not know what to do to him farther and whom to address. Someone learns about the company from advertizing, someone addresses on the advice of acquaintances, someone just goes in the next service or carries to the familiar programmer. Not to make the wrong choice and not to lose the data forever, it is necessary to make sure that the company chosen by you can give the qualified help, and is responsible for quality of the work.

Features and criterion for evaluation of quality of services which everyone has to know:

1. Be careful of the companies working on an advance payment. If money asks from you forward - be careful. A set of the companies work by the principle once i.e. without having executed the order, or having received unsatisfactory result issue the order to the client. To return money it will turn out only through court, but not many want to contact it. But in certain cases the advance payment happens reasonable, for example at shift of the block of magnetic heads or work with the opened stores since it is caused by the consumption of materials, spare parts, and also is often connected with use of so-called donors.

2. The professional companies offer the fixed prices. having Just called the company it is possible to recognize a lot of things by recovery of data. One of important questions - a price question. If you hear the vast answer, a pier: you bring, there it will be visible or everything depends on a problem be attentive. The companies which are professionally engaged in recovery of data have the fixed prices which can change only in coordination with the client (for example if the donor block of heads from the new / serviceable store, procedures with the opened stores etc. is required) . So you will be sure that having given the store on recovery of data, the price will not fly up up, for example from - for the fact that the manager will notice make of the car on which you arrived.

3. Any work has to have time frames. On a question of terms you have to receive quite concrete answer since the companies which are engaged in recovery of data it is professional, but not occasionally or in time, free from the main work, have certain temporary standards for works (if other is not coordinated with the client). So you will be insured from the fact that your order will not be postponed until the best times or when it is reached by hands. With it the companies masking under qualified also sin. Such companies perform only easy works, the same works which not in power they give them more qualified. It can be reflected both in the price, and in terms in the big party.

4. Ask a price - a leaf. Or take an interest in concrete cost for your store. The prices of any works have to be proved, but are not made up. Be afraid of the indication of the price From: and To: . The extensive price - pledge of the fact that the company gives the qualified help and is responsible for quality of services.

5. You monitor work of personnel. At the order the specialist in recovery of data, but not the secretary who has no due qualification has to accept your store. He has to conduct survey regarding restoration and the available problems. Besides for restoration have to issue you the receipt with the indication of stores and their serial numbers (for example in case of hard drives). So you will be sure that you will be given back your store, but not some similar. At the same time it is not obligatory to hand over a disk for the copy of data since professional firms possess extensive bank of various stores for copies. Copying is made on the stores, and having only obtained the result satisfying the client data can be transferred to your disk, and without additional payments.

6. Learn about where it is possible to issue the order. Existence of several offices of the company on recovery of data allows to serve clients quicker. If the company has an express delivery, then you need to be convinced that the courier is an expert and has the documents confirming it.

And council on the future: do not get into such situation, make copies of critical data more often.