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To designer? Creativity in an interior of

Agree, to show the creative beginning in work on an interior of the house not each of us has an opportunity.

to All reason even not financial side of fantastic ideas of transformation of the dwelling, and your relatives and relatives. Persons with whose opinion it is necessary to reckon owing to the following circumstance - comfortably have to feel in the room all members of household, by the principle of family viewing of telecasts.

to the designer - the best designer!

As your flavoring preferences you yet were never shown by

, therefore, they yet were never estimated and accepted by the family. Therefore for a start it is worth expressing itself in registration of those rooms which entirely belong directly to you - kitchen, a bedroom, a balcony, a loggia, an office, a workshop and so on.

you do not feel in yourself confidence?

does not have

design experience, there are no sense of style and coloring? It does not matter!

Infinite quantity of sources of design decisions and unrestrained desire to create - here everything that it is necessary for you. Magazines, the websites, telecasts, books, photos, apartments of friends, relatives, fellow workers is a well of valuable information not only from the theoretical point of view, but also with practical.

The main condition of successful design activity - existence of time or ability to find it. So, for example, over option of an upholstery of chairs in a bedroom it is possible to suspect on the way work; checking pages with the websites, to look for beautiful color combinations; playing with children, to consider change of a situation; standing idle in a stopper, to reflect over the invoice of wall-paper, a ceramic tile in a bathroom or a design of a new night lamp which you can make with own hands.

Is corrected own sense of style!

you Consider

that it is impossible? In vain! Special units, whose intuition for idea and originality occur among thousands of people either at all it is beaten off, or hypertrophied. Strangely enough, some of them have a reputation for masters of permanent interiors unique, not peculiar to the ordinary. Then all have a taste. Or there is what is perceived as taste.

To reveal own sense of style, work the style directions of the remote and recent past which historically developed in architecture and design. Romance style, a gothic style, baroque, the Russian style, the pseudo-Russian style, the Victorian style, ethnic styles of the different countries, the Byzantine style, find fault - flew, a modernist style, minimalism and so on. Detailed and general descriptions, photos and images of these styles set. So, study the description and look at the image. Try to find all moments confirming belonging to style (noted in the description) in everyone. For yourself emphasize similarities and distinctions in technology of execution. Write down.

When you will be able to look regarding a situation or an interior in general and to give it definition or reasonably you will be ready to attach to any style - to further work!

Work on space sense, light and color is based on the principle of processing of already existing data.


a Magnificent opportunity to change spatial perception by means of light give to

artificial sources of lighting: LED lamps and tapes, galogenovy lamps, LED - illumination. Using lamps, you can light part of the room, accent light an element, unite two adjacent rooms or to lose in the dark corner.

Colour and drawing

Exist the receptions allowing by means of color and drawing to shift walls, to lift or lower ceilings, to expand space, to bring closer walls, to accent or generalize situation elements.

If you do not feel in yourself the genius accumulating new design ideas, stop on definition of your preferences to this or that style. You choose style and on its basis you create the interior. Whether to follow style to the smallest details or to introduce a shred of the internal attitude - to solve to you.

Anyway the interior is a reflection of your perception of world around, material continuation of an inner self, the present (in this hour, this instant) a state of mind. Therefore in the course of search or transformation of themselves recommend to change the image of the room in which you stay the most part of time.

Results of searches of your personal design tendencies will allow to save on services of decorators, to develop passion to experiments, to prove and, perhaps, to find a new hobby in which you will put heart and soul.