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It became simpler to share kindness

Good deeds light life not only to the one who accepts them, but also the most giving. Words of gratitude, a smile and the shining eyes are the best award if you know that they are intended to you for good business.

At the level of household talk very many people express readiness to help others - to pack things for kids from orphanage, to help with repair of the charitable organization or to work as the nurse for the seriously ill patient who does not have none of relatives.

Unfortunately, all this is frequent and remains at the level of talk. And at all not because so stale people and heartless! Just they not always know, how exactly can help also that for this purpose needs to be made, and to prompt or direct them there is nobody.

Give a helping hand the movement of one finger

our portal of civil partnership Social activists. ru new service which allows to become the volunteer of any public organization in one second brings to attention of all not indifferent people, without spending time for searches of its coordinates in the city.

For this purpose it is necessary - navsy to be registered all on our portal, to come into appropriate section and to obtain the fullest information on what non-profit organizations are in your region and what concrete help is necessary for them.

Here everyone has to solve in what sphere it could be useful and how exactly would like to help those who need really it. Having chosen the suitable organization, the user of our portal by means of click by a mouse in an instant becomes her volunteer and participates in events which she holds.

Set accurate tasks for accurate results

the Non-profit organizations publishing the data and applications for need for volunteers on our portal have to specify the most exact data to those whom they want to involve in the work.

It will help to find most precisely those people for whom the help to others in the concrete sphere will be in pleasure and on forces - the corresponding preparation is necessary for some types of the help. Only dense interaction of volunteers and non-profit organizations we will be able to bring to persons in need the real help.

It is accepted to call our time cynical. It is time to prove that it far not so. Let our portal will become for not indifferent to foreign troubles the first step on the way to good deeds which remain in memory of many people and will surely return to you a hundredfold.