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Review of the movie Fantazm 4: Oblivion

B 1994, after a premiere of the third part, considering its open final, Koskarelli was asked whether he is going to remove continuation. The director answered that about it he settled all ideas and thoughts, therefore if the next sequel sometime and appears, then it will be only for the sake of money. Jokes jokes, and Koskarelli kept the promise and 4 years later released the termination of the franchize under the name Fantazm 4: Oblivion . Let`s try to understand for the sake of what, because there and did not smell of money.

Those who watched the third part to the end (there are also such), remember that authors made everything to lay the bridge to probable continuation / termination of history. Having released Rocca`s Black woman further to travel about over the country, Reggie, Tim and Mike entered final fight with the Spindle-legs. As a result Tim was gone in the World behind the looking-glass, Reggie came to be in captivity at the Spindle-legs and metal spheres - murderers, and the Undershirt to which the similar sphere got into the head, told all so far - so far and went to darkness to cry.

Actually on this moment the final part of the saga also begins. The poor creature Redzhi who already and itself does not remember when he stopped being the seller of ice cream and turned into the desperate fighter against any evil spirits, released as superfluous. He on a habit rushes on searches of the friend Mike, and that, in turn, steals a catafalque and goes to Hugo - the East by the principle so far will be enough for gasoline . The purpose of its travel and intentions is washed so away that the viewer needs only to guess. It becomes clear later that the catafalque moves in itself, and, therefore, Mike once again became the hostage of own obsessions.

As a result Mike, and then and his old friend Reggie, are in certain is desert - the rocky district where they should solve the most important riddle of the movie - who such Spindle-legs for what the tuning fork is necessary and why the old man growth about the uncle Stepa systematically devastates cemeteries of small American towns?

Koskarelli did not bring anybody for a corner, he honestly admitted that nothing new on a subject will be able to tell any more. Nevertheless, whether really finance started singing romances, whether the desire prevailed over common sense, but Fantazm 4 was born. The director and screenwriter Koskarelli intended to compensate total absence of ideas on further development of a plot by total processing of the previous material. For this purpose the materials and episodes which did not enter the first movie were dug out from a non-existence.

In the fourth part of Koskarelli that is called incurred. He does not try to state coherently a plot any more, and builds a picture of series of flashbacks, movements in time and space, persuasive dreams and reflections of the main characters, generally Mike. At the same time it is obvious that the director does not even try to facilitate to the viewer a task and to explain something. All riddle of a picture two words keeps within the Spindle-legs origin from the modest surgeon in the mystical monster and the master of the dead by means of the certain alien forces which implanted a metal sphere in the senile head. Now the sphere orders to the coffin maker to move over the country, to dig out corpses of honest taxpayers and to draw from them extinct reason. For what these flying spheres in what - such measurement continuous wars with their application are waged are necessary - all these questions are left without answer.

Intentionally filling the scenario with false profoundness, authors of the movie try to suppress unsuccessfully the fact that the franchize needed to be closed still then, in 1998 when there was the first sequel. This fact in the third and especially, in the fabricated, fourth movies sticks out of all cracks. Sometimes there is an impression that Koskarelli, beginning to shoot a picture, did not know, than it will be finished. What, as a result, led to quite natural result - the final of the movie represents the next baby`s dummy, a certain message to sources and at the same time a question. To which it is not necessary to wait for the answer already. Mike whether dies, whether loses consciousness, the ineradicable villain is slowly dissolved in the next portal, and behind it the only, more or less rational character of this phantasmagoria, Reggie with a shot-gun atilt directs. And after us the deluge.

Thus, there is a wish after authors Fantazma to finalize. The film series which are mercilessly operated by the creators safely exhausted still in the late eighties, having lost on the way the charm of a horror story, independent and strange on form and content. Subsequently Koskarelli as the individual director and the screenwriter of all franchize, tried to squeeze out of the creation at most of advantage, squeezing out sense on a particle and inhabiting the Universe Fantazma new characters who, however, were not late for a long time.

Having exhausted the creative opportunities, Don Koskarelli, shot the squeezeed-out and absolutely unnecessary fourth movie in which he tried to rethink an ideological component and a core of history, but that is called did not cope and was let in free floating on waves of crazy imaginations. This fact, once again, proved obvious - sometimes it is necessary to be firm and to allow history to end.