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Review of the movie Fantazm 3: Master of the dead

Are known that after Fantazm 2 took place in hire almost unnoticed, the film company Universal refused to continue to finance the franchize, but agreed to act as the film distributor. Now the director Don Koskarelli did not need to look back at the choice of actors at strict and captious pushers - producers, it was free for the money to employ anyone and to remove anything. And he invited in the third movie of Michael Baldwin, that boy who played a role of the inquisitive fellow Mike fifteen years ago. The director very much wanted that Baldwin participated also in the second part, but the studio sponsoring then the project flatly refused to use services of the actor nine years not appearing on the screen and replaced it with more skilled James Legros.

In brief about a plot. At the end of the second part to the main characters, Reggie and Mike, it was succeeded to kill the Spindle-legs, the very tall spiteful old man who is working in funeral bureau and having close ties with otherworldly forces. It was possible, by itself, under laws of a genre, exactly prior to the beginning of the third series. In a magic way to replace the murdered monster from parallel measurement appeared just the same, only without uniform scratch. The brand new Spindle-legs was not slow to overtake for fugitives and to kidnap Mike to whom he unevenly breathed from first minutes of the first Fantazma . Now Redzhi it is necessary to go there, I do not know where again to rescue the useless friend.

On the way Reggie will meet the company from two morons and one freezed, but the nice woman which will give him on a kumpola and is thrust into a luggage carrier of evoyny rare Plymouth Barracuda . The trio of bandits will take away Reggie on the suburb of the desert and left city where an opportunity to profit in the thrown house will be presented to them. Here experience of the comedy " was useful to creators of a tape; Home Alone because the efficient boy by the name of Tim stepped on the stage. Unlike the comedy colleague from the aforesaid film hit Columbus, Tim prefers not to thrash uninvited visitors of the house irons on a muzzle, and to do quite naturally in and to dig in in a garden.

Having pumped up bandits lead, Timmy releases Reggie and already together with the negritosky Rocca beaten to them they move off in searches of Mike and Spindle-legs. However long it was not necessary to look for because in Reggie`s backpack one of killing metal spheres of the Spindle-legs in which the reason of the late elder brother Mike, Jodi was installed was overlooked. This Jodi - a sphere can not only see through time and space, but also by force of thought to move large objects, for example, of the brother Mike. After Undershirts joins the company of adventurers on the fifth point, already all together they get into some Gothic morgue where they arrange final medley with the Spindle-legs, the whole crowd of his spheres - murderers and the zombie - henchmen.

Free will of Koskarelli could not but affect the final product. A difference between the first two movies and the third part Fantazma obviously is evident.

We will begin with the fact that in a trequel there is significantly more to people that, on the one hand, plays to the movie on advantage, and with another - brings chaos and messing around. Characters more and more exotic join Reggie and Mike who are already habitually struggling with the alien monster: the boy - with - the finger which is shooting from the revolver straight and not testing neither fear, nor reproach at the early age; the black spetsnazovka from a nunchakama for which whether it is boring whether to hang out there is nobody; and on snack - the senior brother Jodi who died 15 years ago who during stay in the next world otjetsya decently and has now desire to specify live where to go and what to do.

I pound from all this crowd if it is honest, any. But new faces bring a reasonable variety a visual row. Especially as from the evil there took place addition too. In - the first, now the Spindle-legs not only turns corpses into vile dwarfs, but also just recovers, inhabiting the Penates prazdnoshatayushchimisya the zombie. The last for some reason do not wish to behave as typical living dead persons, actively talk profusely and even try to joke. Jokes, these, by the way, not so ridiculous.

In - the second if earlier his disgustingly crying out dwarfs were the main demonic strength of the Spindle-legs, then in the third movie heroes should fight against the whole assembly of the flying spheres - murderers. Besides a standard drill, they also had additional pribluda in a look pass - Bulgarians and an eye of Omniscience. These spheres wet all to the right and on the left, quite often without seeing a difference between personal and others`.

As for the scenario, it is practically absent. Heroes move between various anonymous and faceless scenery, including the parallel worlds and dreams. The visible purpose in these there is no movement, Reggie constantly rescues Mike, Mike looks for the Spindle-legs, the Spindle-legs looks for Mike, all others scurry about around and beat the friend to the friend how much in vain. Dialogues represent the phrases which are badly connected on sense from the " series; let`s go there - bring down it - we run " from here;.

About actor`s game too I can tell nothing good though old men of the " project; Reggie Bennister and Michael Baldwin do not irritate at all, unlike debutants. Still the memorable musical subject to the movie from the composer Fred Mayrou pleases.

I summarize. The third part of the movie gravitates to a genre of a mystical fantasy more, than to a genre of the thriller or a horror. Badly it or is good, it is difficult to tell, but Fantazm 3 - it is not former atmospheric and mad zhutik. In 1998 Don Koskarelli, despite assurances that ideas at him ran low, let out the last, fourth part Fantazma . Then put a fat cross on the franchize.