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Where to direct inspiration or Who connected the first graffiti?

As a rule, at needlewomen always develop difficult relationship with inspiration. You think, there is no place to take? No, it is impossible to bridle.

For example, the beautiful young lady a picture decides to cross stitch. After the first work there is an irresistible desire to work further, reaching certain masterful heights. Series of pictures and so are embroidered that artists do not get ready to think out designs. Already and walls in the apartment are counted as it appeared, their of everything twelve And relatives all are presented, they - that prefer in the house at all to admire one picture, and do not agree to two in any way In the next shops of a skuplena all strings of a mouline thread, and the bagetny workshop round the corner quite is content with a half of a salary of the husband we Will notice

that the inspiration did not abandon us yet. What to do to the real needlewoman? Correctly, to work further, but on a knitting bosom. We knit on spokes everything that the soul will wish: hats - scarves - sviterochka - short skirts - socks. Difficulties not to frighten us, quantity - too. At the end on us shy such enlightenment will condescend: it will turn out that more than two - three knitted things on even to the most attractive girl look, to put it mildly, recklessly.

But is not present, the inspiration does not release us And the last chance with it to make friends - it is simple to tie a little a hook Napkins, handbag, koshelyochek, summer top, bathing suit On a bathing suit - that we also burned. Never, never conceive to knit a bathing suit! I pound from it any even if it entirely consists of charming pineapples. If to wet it, it will become soft, and there is never a guarantee that it will remain on your body, but will not turn into gift to mermaids, besides, it is necessary to dry it very long.

Life of the selfless needlewoman is difficult? There`s nothing to be done Calling is a burden too. Where all - to send the amateur inspiration to the girl exhausted with creativity?

American Magda Sayeg (Austin, the State of Texas, the USA) did not begin to fall into despair, and just united adherents, having founded the movement ", saving for them, in 2005; We knit graffiti .

Unlike traditional graffiti which cover city fences and walls of buildings knitted graffiti do home-style cozy objects of city architecture and a landscape. Activists of this movement do not stop on small forms, they have the whole field for the imagination. More precisely, not the field even, and city. Trunks of trees, benches, sculptures, cars, phone booths and even metro stations change, getting knitted " clothes;.

Already now Magda`s movement promptly gains steam, finding followers in various corners of the world. Now grandmother`s needlework warms I smother and mood of passersby in gloomy weather not only in America, but also in many European cities.

If to me charged to think up the slogan for the movement We knit graffiti I think, it would be something in the spirit of: You cannot get rid of inspiration? Begin with a balcony! .

Who knows, maybe, and we are capable to transfer to people around of a basis of positive thinking, having connected " sweater; for a bench near the house?

I wish all pleasant surprises and inexhaustible thirst for creativity!