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How to arrange a holiday from... telescope?

Call the friend with a request to help to think up a space party for his female colleagues for March 8, the budget small, in " style; men will chip in together, and girls 3 times bigger .

I am interested why they decided to master space subject by Women`s Day. Answers that they at office have a telescope (someone from clients once presented), which costs in negotiation where they thought out how to congratulate young ladies.

- And where everything will occur? - I continue cross-questioning.

- Likely, in the assembly hall which in usual time serves the dining room, - Pavel, my acquaintance answers (the former colleague, never, by the way, since March 8 me not congratulated).

- And during the day you will train girls somehow for a holiday, to them to create mood?

- Well, is possible. And how?

Ya I begin to laugh in a voice as remembered the game Moon rover for the company tipsy (it is necessary to grabble, sentencing: I, the Moon rover - 1, went for refueling )

- you decide to call throughout the day girls a star by the name of Svetlana bright star Tatyana etc., and men let will be moon rover Pavel space cruiser Vladimir station Miroslav . You can to ladies at an entrance on a puzzle from the star chart give out, and then after the first toast let your girls will feel goddesses - will create the Universe, that is. And that it was more evident, install this your telescope at a window, let spot.

- And to give what?

- is the simplest to order alcohol (good wine, for example) with special labels, chocolate in the form of the globe or the plush sun. It is possible to have fun on globes though it is more expedient than them for gifts in competitions to leave, you the program - a skit will make?

- you Think, it is necessary?

- Of course, will be pleasant to girls! Presently the most valuable present is an attention to the person and time spent on it. Only let it will be cheerful! Music should be picked up in a subject: Earth in a window I am Earth, I the see off pets Big Dipper

- About! I remembered cinema in which the drunk lecturer spoke about life on Mars and the armed look.

- is gallant! If you have a projector and the screen, start cinema as a background: types of the star sky or Earth from space, the Godzilla, Star wars, Moscow - Cassiopeia. And try to take a space suit in hire - with it to think up competitions. And on walls to hang out methodical posters on astronomy. And still each your employee can think up a horoscope - same from " too; stars speak it has to be only surely positive also from joke shares.

- And what with alcohol and food to do?

- to Try to get in tubes, - I laugh the matter off.

- Perhaps to call dishes as - nibud space?

- Herring under a space suit, " meat; Baikonur " cognac; Lunar crater " vodka; Green little men an UFO with cutting, " cocktail; Mulder and Scully

- And what finishing point (which can become dots)?

- to Create the collective message to inhabitants of other planets, to record with the digital carrier and to send. You can change words of the famous song in advance, and then together study and execute everything.

- And music?

- Really went nobody to a muzykalka or in adolescence did not irritate neighbors in the house songs to the guitar?

- Was business.

- Well and is excellent! And the message can be sent to your clients on April 12, without having forgotten to attach your photos there during execution. Or to upload to the website.

of Progress!