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We study English: whether always the brand guarantees knowledge?

September ended for a long time and October comes to an end - academic year in the heat! But the desire to master English from it does not become less, and therefore interest in training remains in force, the question where to go to study there is everything same actual. Let`s look what it is possible to choose from and we will try to understand how to choose the best (for ourselves) the place of training.

Of course, first of all our attention goes towards the known schools and courses. Here the simple logic works: time the company long exists in the market of services, time about it is told, probably, it is good school (course), there it is worth going to study. Let`s lay aside training cost questions. It is more important whether you receive necessary to you result upon termination of training or you will remain almost with the same with what were.

And now attentively re-read the previous paragraph and pay attention to the reason for which people usually last in the known schools. The word popularity assumes only that speak about school much isn`t it? But whether you sometime heard expression (perhaps, will sound a little roughly): advertizing - the trade engine ? (Smyagchyonno - the veiled option - advertizing - the progress engine .) Whether you remember how quite recently the sensation in an occasion (as it appeared later, nonexistent) swine and bird flu was lifted? Just someone should have increased sales of vaccines and drugs. Whether there were it some little-known small firmochka and the organizations?

Obviously, - no. Because in this case the idea of danger of a disease would not bypass the whole world and would not appear on the TV central channels. So popularity and authorities unfortunately, not an indicator.

Above extremely negative option is described, of course. And, of course, in the field of training in English the situation is is not so deplorable. However, it is possible to encounter similar a grief - sellers and in our area. How to define who can trust and to whom is not present? Everything is not as difficult as can seem at first sight.

A solution with the choice of a course, school, the tutor - in that being guided by result. But it is important to understand properly, to hear what you are told. You remember, the main thing - result. Now - to examples.

For example: that result which you want to achieve in English - to be able to communicate with other people. Why not to read, to write, to hear? Because it cannot bad be trained on very many courses, at many schools, at many tutors, and also independently . For this purpose your decision to study and discipline is necessary.

To communicate, at least two additional things which so lack such large number of the people wishing to learn English (not only to pupils, but also teachers who experience serious difficulties to train in it the pupils are necessary):

1) People with whom it would be possible to communicate in English. Not the person, one and only who can learn to be understood for rather short time, and of many and different people, with all features, a manner inherent in them to express, accent and other nuances.

2) Own skill (which appears as a result of training ) which consists that you can give quickly the necessary thought in English at once. That is a case when you know how to tell the phrase in the native language, then you remember or you select the necessary and correct English compliances (both in lexicon, and in grammar), then you make the phrase in English, - is no good at all . Too slowly!

How to choose correct (necessary and suitable for you) the place of training? The answer is obvious: compare the ideal picture (what you want to reach) to that result which you can observe. That is look at graduates of that school, talk to those who studied at this teacher - whether they can do what you want to reach? How many from all who were trained here achieved the same success? Whether results are casual? All of us know that in any class of any high school there will be 2 - 3 excellent students. But 50% most often do not own a training subject, unfortunately.

One more nuance. If you want to learn to speak English and ask the person on his progress in training in the concrete place (or at the specific person), do not accept from it any words about the certificates (which are personally received by it or available for school or the teacher), the wonderful atmosphere in a class, remarkable textbooks with color pictures and big - capital letters and other noise . It is only additional bonuses no more. Otherwise it can turn out as in a case about which I had to learn once.

Phone call.

- Hello. It is possible to learn about your course?

- Yes, of course. What do you want to learn?

- At you on the website is written that you learn to speak English.

- Yes, it is. You learned English earlier?

- I and now so far study it, on other courses (the person in a tube calls very known school of English). But I cannot speak. And it is very necessary for me.

- I know this school and I know that they have a course of colloquial English. Perhaps, to you to pass at your school to this course?

- But I there also study!

U me minute confusion.

- And what is the time you study there?

- Nearly one and a half years.

bigger confusion.

- But you spoke with the management, with the teacher - why so?

- Of course, spoke!

- And what they answered?

- I was told: You has to break through !

Has to break through on informal conversation! Comments are excessive.

That is here (as, by the way, both on many other courses and at schools) were simply sure of widespread idea about the quantity turning into quality. That is believed that if to give to the person a lot of English (many words, to tell much about rules of grammar, to allow to listen to a lot of audio, to give a lot more all other and the more the better), then as a result he will start talking English.

Realize, dear reader that this idea when you are assured that will learn you to English most often counts. There are, however, also other reasons - from the category English in 30 days - when try to give you a short course of grammar in schemes and terms with, perhaps, parallel training the technician of fast storing of words, and it is considered that after that you have to exorcise. But, as shows life, both in the first, and in the second cases the success comes extremely seldom.

The reason of failures - too little real, real, vital practice. Valid practice of live use language. It is not enough know only the theory. To practice substitution of words in the necessary form instead of gaps or to learn ready phrases, maybe it is useful, but it has not enough relation to real life.

So if you decided to find the best , an effective course of English for yourself , the first that define - what you want to reach. To receive the certificate? Choose educational institution or the teacher which will prepare you for it. You want to be able to read and understand oral speech? You without effort will find also such places of training. You want to be able to speak? Be convinced that all pupils (or the vast majority, but in any way not the elite) schools or the teacher are able to tell. If someone recommends you school because he after rather short training could have interview at employment or refused the translator at negotiations (provided that it is true) is an acceptable recommendation.

Also take an interest, what is the time they spent for achieving that effect which they could achieve (hardly you will be pleased by the training which dragged on for half-lives). Talk to those who studied here, and ask where and as they had to use the received abilities (not knowledge - abilities! ), listen as they communicate with other person in English.

And to begin it is possible to choose, undoubtedly, visiting fact-finding lessons of English courses. It can give information for reflection too. You can choose also only on as far as you liked a lesson of this or that school. But, having stopped on school, having begun training, later a month look at three what you managed to achieve and whether arranges you the received result.

Progress to you in the choice and in achievement of your purpose!

Elena Babicheva,

manager of a course of English

of Applied Education