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The husband and pregnancy of

Pregnancy - serious test for the family relations. Remember that in a waiting time of birth of the kid your spouse experiences not less disorders and experiences, than you are.

Talk to the husband

Talk to the husband to dispel all his fears and to calm him. Explain that temporary difficulties which you met now, - a drop in the ocean of happiness expecting your family with appearance of the kid. And it is better to overcome all difficulties together. Softly hint it that his concern only winds him and irritates you.

Be not afraid of frankness

of the Tale of the walking husbands and pregnant wives - no more, than fairy tales. Explain to the husband that now in are most subject to stresses and are vulnerable. Therefore from remarks Wow! What slender waist at Christina! it is still better for it to refrain. In only several months at you both the waist, and all the rest will recover.

Keep feelings

during pregnancy many women blossom. Therefore you should not worry about the sexual appeal: to you quite on forces to keep it. You watch yourself and the body, you wear stylish and fashionable clothes for future mummies, do not forget about pleasant trifles, such as manicure. Do not refuse to yourself pleasure of matrimonial sex if you were not forbidden by doctors. However remind the husband that during this period he should be especially gentle and accurate. If temporarily you were left without physical joys, remember romanticism of the first appointments and Platonic love. The tasty dinner by candlelight, erotic massage, a joint shower - all this will only strengthen your relations.

Recommendations to the husband

Now your main task to preserve your soulmate both against physical activities, and against emotional, try to undertake the most part female duties care about its health, do not subject future mother to experiences, try to find time for evening walk in the fresh air. You remember that now your support is necessary to the wife as when, do not allow it to doubt your love. You have to make all necessary for the maximum comfort during pregnancy.

You remember that women are inherently very whimsical, and pregnant women also are very vulnerable, the joint visit of clothing store requires from you the maximum attention, the woman always remains the woman, and she always wants to look gracefully and attractively and to pick up her clothes during this period very difficult, she will surely hope for your support, by no means, under no circumstances say to it that in it it looks awfully if you already really see what is not noticed by your spouse, then better to say to it that you want to see it in other dress today, find an occasion, but make it beautifully.

Do not forget to visit also children`s department even if you do not plan to buy to the child of a thing at present, consult to it that she wanted to see in maternity hospital and what it is necessary to provide the child with.

Do not enter disputes in selection of a name of the child if you had disagreements, leave please the last option for future mother.