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What can the technology of training of LRH give?

When Mikhail for the first time crossed a threshold of training center of Applied Education, it had a gloomy mood. On a nose there was a re-examination in chemistry, it was necessary to correct the two. For the grammar-school boy of the class focused on preparation for medical activity it was full breakdown.

Usually if the child comes to the center of Applied Education to study or receive tutorial services, it is tested to reveal problem areas. In a case with Mischa all annual course in chemistry 8 - go a class was problem area...

In three days which remained before examination it was necessary to pass all on what at school 124 hours of school hours are allotted! Even if not to sleep and there are no three days, time was obvious insufficiently. Teachers tried to convince Mischa that the task costs unreal what to hope that in three days it is possible to complete an annual course - silly! But the purpose was defined, the tasks are set, there were no place to recede. Mikhail started occupations.

He began to be engaged together with the friend whom he brought into the same center. At the friend the same problems were farther than

there was a work, usual for the centers of Applied Education: clearing of words, demonstrations by means of a demonstration set and plasticine, work in couple and carrying out mutual checks.

Carefully cleared keywords in the field of chemistry, showed the principles of chemical reactions, molded molecules of substances from plasticine and did all the rest that needs to be done, according to the technology of training developed by the L. Ron Hubbard (L.RH).

In three days the school teacher of chemistry was struck by Mikhail`s knowledge on the spot! He could not put less four for examination now in any way. And as the boy was proud!

Mother came to the center to learn about a miracle - a technique which rescued her son. She looked at the teacher, as at the wizard from the fairy tale, - with delight and feeling of the undisguised, overflowing it gratitude. She within two hours listened to the story about technology which rescued her son. Even the father was shocked and came to see a miracle - teachers with own eyes.

Then Mikhail attended two years tutorial classes in the center. Once, when the old story, but any more with examination in anatomy nearly repeated (we will remind: the biology in its gymnasia class - a subject profile), was necessary to use services of the tutor again hastily. After 10 school hours examination was passed on perfectly . Further Mischa began to be engaged with tutors of the center for the majority of the main school objects.

This case, though occurred a few years ago, but is not some special. When the technology of training is applied (and it is applied correctly), it always changes life to the best. At everyone it occurs differently. Here, for example, Alexey - could not come in due time to a gymnasia class, came to the same center of Applied Education that to tighten the knowledge and and remained to study here on the external studies. Except that he gained thorough knowledge, Lyosha from the silent imperceptible boy turned into the person able to state and argue the point of view.

The program 10 - 11 classes Alyosha studied in a year. When his companion, Sasha who, unlike the friend, all - came to a gymnasia class in three months prior to the termination 10 - go a class learned that the friend is going to graduate from school before it for the whole year and to enter the institute then it appeared in the same center! As so! The friend who could not overcome examinations in a special class now overtook it so what it is ready to enter the institute?! And agreed - to enter the institute together. It was necessary to do something. Sasha had a passionate desire to graduate from school the same year and to enter the institute together with Lesha. Any beliefs are that this invention - a pure gamble, did not make any success and were not heard by the boy who was captured by this idea. Sasha had an improbable intention to achieve the objective!

I so want! - he went on. I will not leave from here until you teach me. If it could, also I will be able! - Da, but Lyosha studied the whole year to finish two classes. And you want to pass the polutoragodovy program in three months?! But was not to convince and not to break Sasha. And the objectives were achieved. Since then in that center where both friends were trained, game - " appeared; Two classes in a year and winners - tens of pupils.

Both friends became students of MSU Higher School of Economics . Those skills of independent training (accompanied by teachers) which they received in uchebno - the tutorial center, very much were useful to them at institute, and also for certain will be useful in life. And not only for training of own children who at them will appear over time, but also for the growth and self-improvement. The world does not stand still - new technologies and decisions zapolnyayuty. Also it is necessary to be able to understand them quickly.

It is simple to seize technology of training. And if you know and use it, your life becomes far simpler and more clear, and the success in affairs accompanies you much more often.