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How to sell the things made with own hands?

business can be constructed Presently on anything. But the best business - that which is constructed on favourite hobby or a hobby.

Ya, for example, I know one inveterate fisherman who throughout all the life very much liked to fish. Also this hobby reached large wholesale shop of fishing goods of own production and boat service I will tell about how such hobby as handwork, can become lifework.

In Russia there lives the great number of talented people. These people are unique, they express the feelings and thoughts, creating objects of different function. Be it an interior subject, clothes, an accessory or a picture - it is unimportant. The main thing, these things are created with heat, love and care of the author.

It is always pleasant to behold them, feeling those emotions which were given by the master. These products live they create good mood and load with positive energy.

But not each creative person is able to realize the works created by the hands. Sometimes it is difficult for masters to advertize and the more so to sell the creations. Here several useful tips for those who experience difficulties in this case:

Be registered on the websites which are engaged in sale of handwork and design things.

do not regret time and forces for the good photo of the works. Very important role is played by giving of an author`s product. (Let`s say you cook well, but if the dish is given anyhow, it at once loses the look, and it does not getting hungry.)

Get the LJ or the blog, and it is better a little, and periodically spread the works there. Social networks - a good method of customer acquisition and untwisting of the name, especially for beginners.

Place the blog in a news line of rss of the best design blogs.

do not underestimate and do not overstate the cost of the work. Expose such price that it was pleasant also to you, and the buyer. If to expose cut prices, then your hobby on which it would be desirable to earn additionally will turn into a burden.

In each city now shops selling design things and a handiwork are, they usually work by the principle of commission shop. The part of works can be handed over there. By the way, the small author`s label will not prevent anyway.

Make to yourself the business card. It is inexpensive, but very useful tool for support of communication with the buyer or the customer.

Participate in various exhibitions - sales of a handiwork.

Surely allocate percent from the gained income which you will spend for purchase of new materials.

Such realization of a handiwork does not demand opening of SP.

Popularity of exclusive design things and demand for them constantly grows, and it gives an impetus to masters to transition from hobby to business activity.

If you already settled master, have the constant income from the works and client base, then it is possible to think also of the following stage of development. But for a start it is worth carrying out monitoring of the market, to decide on the purpose, to create business - the plan, to strive generally for the sake of favourite business.

You can not only sell, but also train in favourite business, that is carry out the master - classes which during crisis became very actual too.