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How free of charge to descend with friends in restaurant, bowling or cinema and not to lose in service?

we Hurry to share with you something definitely new, what can become available already today!

Until recently very few people knew about collective purchases, but this phenomenon expands so quickly that already covered with the wave not only Moscow, but also many cities of Russia and the neighboring countries. By means of ultrafashionable service you can not only go to the cinema, restaurant or bowling, but also to visit a bath, to receive an excellent relax in a massage office or beauty shop, and a lot of things are many other things with huge discounts or is even free! How? Read further.

And how to save?

How to possess all this? Today there is a set of the websites on which you can receive a huge discount thanks to the coupon. The most known of these websites is the " project; Biglion . Here daily there are new offers, having taken part in which, you can receive a discount from 50 to 90%. It can be: a dinner at good restaurant at a discount for 200 rubles, firing at friends in a paintball or active driving of spheres in bowling for only 300 - 350 rubles, and also a qualitative sink of your car for real kopeks and much, many other.

How to use services free of charge?

Everything is simple

: invite friends to participate in actions together with you - the more you invite friends, the more receive money. You receive for each friend registered on service and made the first purchase into the virtual account 100 rubles. You will be able to save up soon the sufficient sum of money for which you will be able to acquire the coupon on a discount for the pleasant action. Pretty cool, huh?

How not to pass a counter?

Actually such websites it is a lot of

, it is impossible to follow all, for it there will simply not be enough time. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus of such websites a huge number, all of them update the offers every day. Of course, there is a wish to be aware of all these tremendous events, but how not to pass any standing offer, without spending time for viewing 20 - ti the websites? Everything is simple - on the website Kuponator. ru all offers of all websites are collected and they are located on the card. In the same place it is possible to subscribe to daily newsletter of offers. Having subscribed to newsletter of all offers, you not only will be wide awake, but also will be able to tell about it to friends. Having interested the acquaintances and relatives, you remember that you receive money for purchase of coupons if they are registered and will carry out at least one purchase. For this purpose it is enough to send them the reference to the website with the offer.

It is remarkable that having only subscribed to newsletter, you will already participate in a competition where 10 thousand rubles are played.

But it is not the only competition among all similar websites. For example, widely known Biglion suggests to participate in a competition: having got to ten leaders in the number of points, you receive the real up-to-date IPhone 4, and on BillKill is still more serious - there you can win even the modern 3D TV. Simple calculations

I do not forget

how many money you can save. The mathematics is simple: participating only once in a week in one of actions, you will save about 300 rubles for once. In a year it is already about 15 000 rubles, and even it is more. Here to you and additional income. And if you invite friends, then is guaranteed will increase this sum many times. Subscribe to newsletter and make the life brighter and more interesting!

By the way, these coupons also can be given, agree, the coupon on visit of beauty shop is an excellent gift to the girl on birthday.

In what a dirty trick?

For doubting: in what a secret why restaurants, beauty shops go on such step? Everything is simple - if it is always necessary to pay big money for advertizing, then in this case big capital investments are not required. Institutions receive target clients, and also double benefit from that, as visitors will be interested in advertizing of services among the friends.

Definitely, it works, is checked!