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What is a language barrier and as to overcome it?

As soon as the speech come about use of a foreign language, everywhere it is possible to hear such familiar, but at the same time such unclear phrase - language barrier . What is it? Whether so often people face it and whether there is something that will help to overcome it? Let`s try to understand these questions one after another.

So as it is possible to learn from the explanatory dictionary, language barrier - it is impossibility of communication in a foreign language. Of course, people from the different countries cannot sometimes communicate only because one does not know language of another. But as practice, the reason not always only in it shows. You can perceive and understand perfectly the speech speaking aurally, write competently and with interest to read foreign literature, and here cannot express the thoughts, alas. But the most surprising thing is that as soon as you consult a dictionary, it becomes at once clear that you already know this word or this design and and long ago. However this knowledge does not bring you benefit - at the right time the word (the phrase, a design) does not occur.

Whether the language barrier occurs at the people learning a foreign language often? Unfortunately and. And here to you small example.

Practically all of us at schools (and someone began also with kindergarten) and institutes learned a foreign language, sometimes, by the way, even not one. Someone it is successful, someone not really, but, nevertheless, we directed to this occupation a certain number of efforts and time. We learned words, retold texts, composed dialogues, wrote tests, took examinations and in principle, upon completion of these occupations it was supposed that we will be capable to use this knowledge. But for some reason so occurs that very few people from us can communicate to the foreigner at least on daily subjects (though, you see, it is for this purpose not necessary to have linguistic education).

Apparently from an example, this problem exists for a long time and what ways of its decision are offered?

The most widespread and most, in my opinion, indistinct and the inexact answer - you need more practice .

Most often mean by this council only 2 things:

1) Some time it is necessary to live in the country of the learned language.

Usually one goes to trip abroad of people or with someone, or. If his partner tolerably knows language on a conversational level (for example, colloquial English), then in advance I can tell you - the person will not receive absolutely any skills of communication. Why to communicate if is translator ? Why to try to tell something if the friend speaks better? A conclusion arises: it is necessary to go to one. But again there is a problem - with whom to communicate and, above all how to do it? Not to stick to passersby on streets!

2) It is necessary to communicate with foreigners more.

Piece of good advice, but not really effective in this case. All foreign contacts in most cases share on business and friendly. All that is connected with business contacts, usually touches upon very serious and important subjects and, of course, here any more not before practice - to express the thoughts accurately and it is clear it is necessary here and now! And communicating with foreign familiar (friends) - ease and ease in conversation which is desirable for receiving prior to communication will be necessary.

As you managed to notice, such solutions of the problem connected with a language barrier do not promote the solution of a task.

Actually I absolutely agree with that statement that existence of a language barrier is a shortage of practice of communication. But how to receive this practice if you cannot communicate?

The secret is very simple - for a start it is necessary to be trained to speak, and already then to use the knowledge and abilities in real life.

Present that you want to learn to dance beautifully to shine on a dance floor. It is unlikely you will go to a party with professional dancers at once, knowing only basic steps. Without excess questions you at first will go to a school of dancing that during persistent trainings to achieve ease and grace.

The same principle works also when training at English language courses. During trainings you will be able to break this notorious language barrier thanks to the fact that you will communicate with a large number of people, will use many times various words and designs. And you will do all this until you reach ease in communication and in use of words.

You will be able to see such system of training in operation, having visited a free introduction (fact-finding) lesson of a course of English of Applied education.

Anastasia Suchkova,

trainer (teacher) of

of a course of English