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What kills your abilities and as to return them?

If you ask 10 different children whom they want to become, then will hear 10 absolutely different answers. Someone wants to be a doctor, someone - the owner of car service, someone... all desires and professions not to guess and not to list. And each child will declare absolutely surely the desire. But how so it happens that, having become the adult, having come to school or institute, future musician runs and begins to be engaged in business, learned does not go to work for the teacher to school (not because pay a little), and the trained writer cannot write?

Behind the seeming complexity of a problem often there is the one and only reason. And this reason - misunderstanding of the word which the person met in the course of training. You do not hurry to reject this thought. Try to check.

The phenomenon of the misunderstood word during the researches was revealed by the famous humanist and the educator of the XX century L. Ron Hubbard. He wrote: The only reason for which the person gives up and gives up study either gets confused, or becomes incapable of training, is that he passed the word which did not understand .

Whether happened so that you or someone from your acquaintances read the book (not very well - art, technical or scientifically - popular), and suddenly caught itself on thought that absolutely distracted and thinks of another, than it is written in the book? Then you or that person begin to read the text anew and understand that you see it for the first time. But your eyes just ran on lines below!

And here that interestingly: if you return back, to that place where still you remember a plot or remember what there was a speech about, then here you will be able to find the word (or even a little - in certain cases) which you do not understand. It will be optional new to you. But you will see, something cannot give it definition, or this definition does not coordinate with other text.

If you read fiction - loss is not so terrible. You will think, instead of what was written by the author, you read other history, apprehended events absolutely or a little in a different way. Worse the situation with technical literature or textbooks - when after " is; studying of the instruction you cannot make what it is told in this instruction about. There now it is impossible, and all here. By the way, in any subject which you disliked (and why only I need this... mathematics, physics, music - necessary to substitute), you will be able to remember such cases and... to find words which you do not understand.

School practice shows that usually by the beginning of training at high school the child loses interest in study. Knowing about influence of misunderstood words, it is easy to understand why so occurs. Ask school students, - what is geography? Ushakov in the explanatory dictionary gives such definition: The general name of descriptive sciences about a surface of the globe and distribution on it the geological phenomena, climate, the population and so forth Perhaps, for you will be a surprise, but most of children of it do not know. Also do not ask seniors what is algebra or trigonometry! It nikomunenuzhny neponyatnochto .

As you understand, at such understanding of a subject the pupil will hardly be able to be in it successful. And under successful I do not mean to have good marks. The person possessing good memory can quickly remember formulas and standard solutions of standard tasks and automatically apply them on control. But 10 minutes later he does not remember any more that it was, and get a non-standard problem - and does not understand how he could use this knowledge in life. To use the gained knowledge - in it and education value consists. If at the exit there is no such ability - time was spent in vain.

We will return to abilities. How you think if the person wanted to become a pianist, but met musical terms which to him were not explained or he did not apply enough work to understand - whether it will be easy for it to continue training? It is unlikely. If the person wanted to learn to paint pictures, but began to explain to him what artists wrote in modernist style, and what in style surrealism, then his mind will oppose and next time when somebody tells it about painting, his former love can already be shown as hostility.

It not the only manifestation of misunderstood words. And the most pleasant that medicine for this illness quite simple. The person can cope with the problems caused by misunderstood words - in particular, with the inability in some areas. Also can return the love to a subject.

Exists the whole technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard which and is called - technology of training. Using this technology, each person can gain a maximum of knowledge from each subject and to be really capable to put the gained knowledge into practice.

You are not silly and are not dull. And you can be a professional in any area in which it will only want to you. It is only necessary to clean barriers in the form of misunderstood words which exist on this way.

Artyom Kuznetsov