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Review of the movie “ Slaughter at " school;

Yes, are pleasant to me horror films. Yes, I watch them rather regularly. Yes, the terrible sediment sometimes comes across. And, by the way, it is very frequent among fresh releases. And here classical slashers of the eightieth never disappointed me. It is not connected with a raskruchennost of this or that movie in any way. It is clear, that occur to most of the viewers “ Friday, 13 - e “ “ The Nightmare on Vyazov Street “ or, at the worst, “ Camp of eternal rests “. It is no wonder because these horrors most often twisted in domestic video salons, and then and on the first private TV channels of the former USSR. Nevertheless, as I already wrote, in the eighties the last century Hollywood was captured by mania on cheap horror films because they made momentary profit. Sometimes many times exceeding the budget of the project. As they say, anything personal, just business.

“ Slaughter at " school; - representative of the main, faceless mass of imitators. In the same 1986 there was his twin brother under the name “ April Fools` Day “ (April Fool’s Day). That the most interesting, working name of the project was just the same, however that the audience accidentally did not mix this “ masterpiece “ with the picture Paramount Pictures of the same name, the heading was replaced with Slaughter High, “ Slaughter at " school;. Closing the subject “ April Fools` Day “ it should be noted that, despite support of large studio and rather strong for those times and a similar genre the budget in 5 million, Fred Walton`s movie was even worse than the “ namesake “.

Briefly about a plot. At each school there is a local loser who is snubbed by all who feel like it. Not of rage, and out of a vile herd instinct “ to be as all “. Many, having graduated from school, subsequently with shame remember how scoffed at some four-eyes whippet. Martie Renttsen (Simon Skuddamor) is the typical representative of the class “ nerds “ first target of all stupid tricks of the schoolmates. And here still such remarkable occasion, on April 1, April Fools` Day. In this regard, Martie, being obviously near subject, it is bought on the proposal of the hot beauty Carrol to carry out with it unforgettable “ sexy - a time “ in a shower compartment of a female toilet. Yassen a stub, a setup it was successful, and the poor four-eyes appeared before friends and girlfriends Carrol in total night-clothes, received the next dose of sneers and was few times lowered by the head in a toilet bowl.

This joke to the Skip, the instigator and the informal leader of this the cattle - the companies, seemed a little, and it decided to arrange small incident in chemical laboratory where Martie in out-of-class time put any experiences. On a twist of fate, the entertainment developed into the fire in which Martie strongly suffered physically and even started mind a little. Though, “ it is a little “ in its case was already too.

There passed ten years. All participants of the above described events suddenly, on the eve of the scheduled April Fools` Day, receive class reunion invitation. It more than suspiciously, considering the fact that their native educational institution five does not function years. However the former schoolmates are so glad to meet again that they, appear, do not notice strangenesses around: nobody meets them, the school looks how long the abandoned and empty building, and the general situation reminds someone`s unsuccessful draw. All habitually blame the joker Skip. That, being a loser and in ten years not managed to achieve something, I am glad to draw to myself attention. Let and is undeserved. However soon, when participants of a night banquet suddenly begin to perish one by one, everything including to Skip, it becomes crystal clearly that they were invited in this remote place not for the sake of an entertainment or a trick at all. Someone, and all know who, wants to revenge them for tortures and mockeries of ten-year prescription. To revenge it is cruel and ruthless …

of U “ Slaughter at " school; neither one, nor two, but the whole three director and screenwriter. Names will tell nothing them to you because they sank into oblivion together with their not numerous opuses. The quantity did not turn into quality, the plot of a picture turned out incredibly predictable and tightened. 90 minutes of screen time could be reduced easily by about 20 - 25 minutes of senseless, frankly idiotic dialogues and bustle on school floors, it is more reminding casemates of Auschwitz. There is also a director`s version of the movie which is longer official on … 1 minute. What there in one minute can such be shown, I do not know. However, a movie rating already of R, considering elements of violence and small impurity of sex. That from this it is more terrible, to solve to you, the main character performed by Karolyn Munro (36 - the summer actress played the character, at least, about ten years younger) creators of the movie did not persuade to undress. To add to a picture of desired boobs, it was necessary to be bared to other aktrisulka to which after this precipitate step of roles did not offer any more.

If not to try to understand motivation of heroes and not to try to analyze the scenario in general, then the tape develops accurately on curves of other, better known predecessors. The murderer in a mask of the strange clown with bells in turn wets all all elementary rules of a survival and own safety invited to a party, and the victims, ignoniruya, independently go for sacrifice, thanks to improbable carelessness and disorder. Knowing that to the house the murderer wanders, they quietly retire to hard-to-reach spots, have sex or even wash in soul (five years school do not work, but water and electricity arrive regularly).

The premiere of a picture was followed by already real, vsamomdelishny tragedy. 28 - the summer performer of a role of the mad avenger Marty, the actor Simon Skuddamor, several months later after the end of shootings committed suicide, having intentionally touched with a narcotic dose. There is a wish to believe that this act was not connected with his cine character at all.

The only familiar name in credits is the composer of a tape - Harry Manfredini. However, any film fan the first minutes of the movie will feel obvious similarity of a soundtrack with the most known musical subject of Manfredini which he wrote for “ Fridays, 13 - e “. Further on a plot one of heroes, trying to frighten the others, gets on on himself unexpectedly from where - that the undertaken hockey mask, representing the character Jason Vurkhis.

I summarize. Only for true admirers of a genre. Everything, beginning from the scenario and finishing with special effects, is at very average level. Again, predictably, cheap but good. The only thing that personally moved me on viewing - it is naive nostalgia for those times when the nightmare could be created from what is near at hand. Today similar opuses cost many millions.