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How to determine by gestures that lie to you?

Than you were engaged, in whatever area worked, you always need ability to distinguish lie. There is a number of poses and gestures which directly indicate that the person tells a lie.

Hands at a mouth. If you notice that the person during conversation covers a mouth with hands, it means that he as if tries to hold words in himself, even if gesture is reduced to easy, hardly noticeable contact of lips with finger-tips.

Constraint of movements. If the person is not confident that he speaks, he just ceases to gesticulate: it is so anxious by the own words that the movements by hands stop. In quiet conversation it is possible to note the movements of brushes of the interlocutor, even if he keeps hands in pockets. However sharp reduction of gestures is observed at nervousness of the person and depends on character of the interlocutor.

Licking of lips. the Nervous licking of lips testifies to uncertainty of the person in the words, or he is anxious with something and is nervous.

Nervous tussiculation. the Nervous tussiculation can be just nervous tussiculation. However if cough develops, hardly the person begins to explain the position, and is followed by some other characteristic gestures, then you can think to suspect the person of lie.

Flush. the Flush is an obvious signal that the person feels awkwardly. The flush can appear owing to some words which were heard in conversation from - for presence of a certain person when it is not possible to behave naturally and it is impossible to express the real feelings. But happens and so when the flush demonstrates feeling of awkwardness which the person tests from - for own words.

Faltering breath. Faltering breath is a strong indication of discomfort. To find change of a rhythm of breath of the interlocutor, it is necessary to watch it attentively.

Pritopyvany it is characteristic of people with high degree of internal tension. Most likely, it is a sign that the person wants to accelerate the conversation course. Though sometimes the pritopyvaniye gives liars.

Easy fussiness. When the person lies, his body leaves from - under control, thoughts and words do not correspond each other. At the professional liar can be and movements of hands are hardly noticeable, in the person, it seems, there are no essential changes, a voice loud and clear - however, despite strong indications self-confidence, there is a feeling of some vanity.

Avoiding of a direct look. Imagine such situation. You conduct interview and when you ask the visitor why he left the last place of work, he looks away and, answering you, looks aside. It will become clear to you that the asked question for some reason raises unpleasant memoirs at the person that there is something what the interviewee obviously does not want to speak about.

It is always worth remembering this gesture. When you awake to doubt, the person lies or tells the truth, it is possible to lead him some and to track a look.

The closed eyes. Some people at conversation often blink, and sometimes and close eyes to a moment. Such manner of behavior can indicate that they do not like a situation in which they appeared. They as if separate themselves from a situation, unpleasant for them. Try to close eyes and to tell: I tell the truth . The Inexpressive voice is not combined, huh?

. When people lie, the voice loses expressiveness, becomes as if flat. For example, when the person spoke with enthusiasm, vividly gesticulated, and becomes suddenly unexpected its voice sluggish, gesticulation is minimized. Such sudden change can be the sign of lie.

We considered the most strong indications of lie. However it is worth to remember that the person can use similar gestures when he is not self-assured or is nervous. Therefore before drawing a conclusion, that your interlocutor lies ask it the specifying questions which will help you to find out his original feelings.

I hope, you will be helped by my councils. I wish good luck, dear reader!