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The review of the movie “Law-abiding citizen“

I will tell At once that the movie a little disappointed me. Yes, I know, many stay from it delighted, put on a personal scale of 10 of 10 and in every possible way extol. But I all - will try to prove the point of view … we Will begin

with the fact that, in general, F. Gary Gray is a director very mediocre. “ Negotiator “ “ Single “ “ Robbery in Italian “ - all these tapes, despite more - less successful hire, did not enjoy special spectator love. I do not know, those musical videos which Gray shoots for the friends, black rappers, R. Kelly, Bebifeys and Ice Cube are how popular, but his feature films accurately keep within the concept “ typical Hollywood production “ something between the blockbuster and the movie of category B. The only thing that every time rescues his pictures, so is, surprisingly, a strong cast. Not really distinct thriller “ Negotiator “ Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson extended the magnificent game. Absolutely secondary detective story “ Robbery in Italian “ broke quite good cash desk thanks to Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton and Charlize Theron. And here fighter “ Single “ could not pay back the budget, even, despite improbable charisma of Vin Diesel. Therefore from the point of view of direction from “ Law-abiding citizen “ it was necessary to expect, in principle, nothing …

about the scenario Now. “ Ekvilibrium “ “ Ultraviolet “ “ Recruit “ and “ Kings of streets “. There are loudest projects made under Curt Uimmer`s scenarios. Also has to notice, practically everywhere it strenuously exaggerates a subject of opposition of the person to a certain System. Therefore, it is no wonder that he addressed the favourite plot again, once again trying to picturize motive “ one in the field soldier “.

So, on a plot, we have a husband and the father, very wealthy inventor, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), whose house and a family at the very beginning of the movie are exposed to impudent attack of two geeks - morons who, as a result, kill his wife and the juvenile daughter, and Shelton will be wounded. After that we at once appear in the courtroom where we find out that during a certain secret game, justice in the person of the black lawyer Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) concludes with one of criminals, Darbi (Christian Stolte), the transaction according to which the last admits the guilt will be received by only three years, and his workmate will go to a condemned cell. The verdict suits all - both the prosecutor, and the lawyer, and the judge and the more so Darbi who shifted all the blame on the accomplice. Does not arrange a sentence only of Clyde Shelton.

10 years later, Shelton declares natural war to murderers of the family, and also to all system of the American justice in the person of those people who dared to conclude the bargain with a devil … here we begin to understand

I that Clyde Shelton is absolutely not the dear daddy and not the unfortunate widower. Moreover, it becomes clear that the former engineer and the inventor did not waste time in vain, and worked for the government represented by the Ministry of Defence. And worked as the masterly killer. Closer to the middle of the movie his character begins to remind absolutely something between Kasey Raybek from “ In a siege “ (Steven Seagal) and doctor Hannibal Lecter from “ Silence of lambs “. And the viewer already also does not know whether it is worth empathizing in general his hero, can do everything - justice on the party of the lawyer Rice, despite his careerism and aspiration to achieve the objectives by all means. In general, and creators of the movie so up to the end will also not be able to define the attitude towards the main characters, exposing them white, black alternately.

The morals of this fable are obvious - from any law-abiding citizen it is possible to create easily finished psychopath and the murderer. And here on the contrary it is impossible in any way.

I summarize. The movie, of course, should be watched to enjoy Butler`s game and Fox, in general, though did not shine, but played quite decently. Colm Mini and Bruce McGill pleased with small roles. The scenario though shtampovaty, and places sags logic, nevertheless, there is enough action in the movie, both tension is, and unexpected (sometimes absolutely) turns of a plot, and bright opposition of the main characters. And over all this not really sure direction soars. Well, someone told that Thomas Jane was planned for Shelton`s role, and in a director`s chair were going to put Frank Darabont. Certainly, Darabont would remove more interestingly, and Jane, most likely, would look in this role not so organically. But we do not learn it.