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Eggs for breakfast - the best diet?

the Breakfast - the most important component of daily food of the person. Its structure influences a figure and a state of health, defines further food during the day. Still ancient advised to eat for breakfast something useful and nutritious, and to divide a lunch in half. Well, and it is possible to refuse a dinner at all ( a breakfast eat itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give a dinner to the enemy ) .

The matter is that the structure of a dinner most of all influences the body weight and adjournment of fat, and here the correct, rational breakfast can significantly improve appearance and health of the person. Unfortunately, usually people prefer to eat for breakfast something easily available, something that can be prepared and eaten quickly. It is, for example, sandwich from bread, oil and some sausage or boiled meat. However such breakfast awakens appetite for all day and demands during the day consumption same high-calorie and harmful products.

Therefore nutritionists are constantly busy with searches of structure of a breakfast which can be characterized the words Nourishing and useful . Often recommend instant porridge, muesli etc. Nutritionists consider very important that the person for breakfast received not only calories, but also substances, useful to its organism, - proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, cellulose etc.

Not so long ago scientists at last found out that for maintenance of a good figure and weight loss it is useful to eat eggs for breakfast. There was time when doctors and specialists in diets claimed that eggs are harmful and it is necessary less them is that in an organism cholesterol did not collect. It proceeded until biologists did not find out that cholesterol happens different: harmful causing deposits in the form of plaques on walls of vessels, and useful which does not do it. Also it turned out that in eggs there is more useful cholesterol which is contained in yolks therefore at moderate consumption of egg do not constitute danger to the person.

But they contain a large amount of the useful nutrients which are easily acquired by an organism. And these substances are in the ratio, extremely necessary for a human body. Eggs contain 12 main vitamins and almost all minerals. The lecithin which is a part of eggs strengthens memory, feeds a brain, prolongs creative longevity. Vitamin E slows down aging of an organism, keeps female beauty. Eggs strengthen sight and heart, protect from oncological diseases, strengthen bones and teeth.

The American nutritionists from university of the State of Connecticut compared action on the person of two types of a breakfast - eggs in the form of fried eggs and croissants. They came to a conclusion that it is much more useful than some egg as they contain a lot of protein while in croissants - generally carbohydrates. Physicians from the same university established earlier that fried eggs for breakfast accelerate weight loss for 65% and at the same time allows to maintain energy in an organism during the day at an optimum level. Eggs for breakfast help to reduce feeling of hunger and reduce consumption of calories at other meals. Fried eggs are useful to health, do not influence cholesterol level in blood and reduce risk warmly - vascular diseases.

Here and the British scientists at last, after long discussions, recognized that the most useful breakfast - all this is fried eggs. They established that used in the morning, it promotes during the day intellectual and physical activity. They consider as the reason of it the proteins which are contained in eggs, vitamins B and D, amino acids and antioxidants. At the same time, as well as Americans, they claim that fried eggs do not promote increase in body weight and reduces need of an organism for high-energy products during the day. And at all thus fried eggs - the simplest option of a breakfast. It can be prepared only from eggs, and it is possible to add vegetables, meat, bread or sausage.

Thus, fans are for breakfast fried eggs and boiled eggs can breathe sigh of relief - they, it appears, all life of a fir-tree for breakfast the most useful products. And all others with feeling of deep satisfaction can join them now. And appetite pleasant to all!