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What drugs to buy - cheap or expensive?

All of us see a doctor sooner or later. And as a result expensive medicine is written out and the concrete drugstore where it can be bought is specified.

But patient competent will go to the next drugstore - and will buy similar medicine three times cheaper - four. Why the doctor so does? It has, probably, some benefit from it?

We will lay aside myths about fabulous profits doctors as a result of arrangement who actually present themselves any nonsense in the form of sets of branded handles, notebooks, calendar cards and other souvenirs. Let`s understand in what a difference between an original preparation and a preparation - analog (generic) which part the same active agent is.

In pharmacology there are such concepts as bioavailability active agent, time of achievement of the maximum activity and time of semi-removal . If with the second and third parameter more or less clear, then concept bioavailability needs the special explanation.

At intake of active agent in an organism it undergoes various changes. And that part of substance which did not manage to collapse has medical effect. If say that bioavailability of a preparation of 80%, then it means that 20% of a preparation collapsed, and only 80% are rendered by medical effect. The bioavailability is higher, the smaller amount of substance needs to be accepted for achievement of effect and the smaller side effect is had on an organism.

We will take two preparations. An original preparation we will designate A , a preparation - analog - B .

We will conditionally take bioavailability of the preparation A 100%, time of achievement of effect - 30 minutes and the period of semi-removal of 6 hours.

The preparation B - bioavailability of 80%, time of achievement of the maximum effect - 2 hours and the period of semi-removal of 12 hours.

The cheap preparation B develops the effect more slowly. A difference with expensive preparation - 1,5 hours. In certain cases it is not really important, and in some is very notable. Whether you agree to wait for 1,5 hours in addition that temperature or pressure went down? You wait for 1,5 excess hours, but the effect develops partially because the preparation B cannot reach the same concentration, as the preparation A .

And after receiving insufficient effect your cheap analog is also more slowly output. For the preparation A the period of semi-removal will make 6 hours, and for B - 12, that is is twice more. Means if you accept a repeated dose for receiving the necessary result, without having waited until the preparation begins to work, and then - more and more as it is written, 3 times a day, then you are threatened by overdose.

Why the same substance in different preparations works differently? It is defined by what components still are a part of medicine. The tablet on the weight is much bigger, than the specified dose of active agent. Because this tablet includes various fillers which protect substance from oxidation, improve taste, give a certain color, have a sheeting etc. of

They can slow down intake of substance in blood from intestines, partially interact with medicine. The producer of cheaper product often uses the cheap fillers worsening quality of a preparation. It reduces the preparation price at the expense of cheaper components.

And substance can be insufficiently well purified. For example, at the producer of cheaper preparation at plant the outdated equipment for cleaning is installed. He creates a preparation - mix of isomers. It would seem, a trifle. However it is very important for an organism. Isomers cannot influence cages and if influence, then the effect is much weaker. Therefore such preparation works much worse.

Having bought cheaper preparation and not having gained the expected effect, many accuse the doctor of incompetence, of nonprofessionalism, having held back that they for treatment used a preparation - analog.

Of course, so far in our country the price is of great importance for many. Original preparations of hi-tech production cost much. And with analogs the situation is not always as badly, as on the given examples when indicators differ many times. But they differ in a varying degree. The original is less dangerous because its action is as close as possible to effect of the pure substance which is its part.

Generally, everyone has to solve - to choose cheap or expensive preparation. Production of drugs as well as computers, TVs or mobile phones, is connected with high technologies. Buying equipment, we tries to choose firm more solid, for the known all reasons. However concerning drugs for some reason many consider that it is quite possible to buy cheap production of " firm; Vaskin - farmakhy also do not think of consequences.

Our organism is arranged much more difficult than household appliances and needs qualitative preparations in case of failures. All of us are free in the choice, but if you have an opportunity to buy an original preparation, to buy the cheapest unreasonably.

There is no wish to finish with banality, however - good luck! Also do not save on health, then you will not buy it.