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Review of the movie " Team; And (2010)

Quite recently, in the review on Losers I already wrote that this summer Hollywood was delivered of three fighters in " at once; traditional style of the eightieth . It was talked about Uncontrollable Sylvester Stallone and To the " Team; And Joe Carnahan. And so, friends, having looked at the last, I am forced to return the words backwards because " Team; And though is a fighter and the screen version of the most popular TV series of the same name 80 - x, but here with style and spirit of those vremenen at creators it did not develop. Though the picture does not deserve angry responses.

The screen version transfers us to modern realities, meaning that the " team; And exists for eight years and 80 successful missions. Main and constant structure of group: the permanent leader - the colonel Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson), got also a team brain - the lieutenant Peck (Bradley Cooper), the strapper - Bosko Barakus (Kuinton Jackson) and the mad pilot flying on everything that can theoretically rise in air - the captain Murdoch (Sharlto Copley). For reference if to read in the same order, in a TV series these roles were assigned to George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T. and Dwight Shults. From them to the domestic viewer only Mr. T is well-known., acting as the main villain in the third part Rocca .

" team; And carries so short and clear name only because these children are never mistaken. Their plans always work for hundred percent, the backup plan is not provided. And plans at this group always cunning, twisting and multiple-pass, so even to Danny Ouchene`s friends is to what to envy.

Iraq. Last days of stay of the American troops. Information comes to a staff that Arabs on the quiet will try to take out from the country, neither more nor less, one billion false dollars and a matrix on which these forgeries were printed. By itself, similar freight, first of all matrixes, is necessary to all who feel like it. Officially business is entrusted to the captain Carissa Sosa (Jessica Bil) who any not Sosa, but the gallant military aunt (she so wants to think) and the former girlfriend of the lieutenant Peck. Informally, because it is clear to all that Carissa is necessary only for the reporting, will crumble Arabs or CIA " team hands; And or their competitors, mercenaries under leadership of the Ration, the spiteful clown who does not have neither the principles, nor morals.

Operation, despite a ban of the authorities to interfere in Baghdad, all - was turned by smart team of Hannibal Smith. Alas, as usual, children were set up on most I do not want because the only living witness of a command function And on this mission, the general Morrison (Gerald Makreyni) burned down in an infernal flame of the military tilt cart, and matrixes were stolen by Payk and his people. For our heroes there was only a semi-burned-down one billion counterfeit American money and violation of the order of command. As you understand, in these conditions to pat on a back Smith and his children, despite all awards and a track record, will not be. The captain Sosa is lowered in a rank, and the " team; And in full strength send to various prison establishments of America.

However our heroes did not happen to stay the decade put by it on court because already several months of CIA later in the person of the agent Lynch (Patrick Wilson) made them the favorable proposal - freedom in exchange for matrixes. A main goal - mercenaries of the Ration and the unknown Arab - the buyer behind a mask of whom as it will become clear a bit later, the person artful and all known is covered. Lynch has in this case the interests too, as well as the degraded Carissa who is eager to return herself shoulder straps and a reputation. All problem is that mission - one on all, and nobody intends to share it

At first about claims to the movie. In general, it is a little of them. What is evident at once and is unprofitable distinguishes " Team; And from her competitors on a genre in the summer of 2010, so it is irrepressible passion to use of computer special effects which it is much more here, than it would be desirable. Flights on tanks, the flying sea containers, revolutions by helicopters and other excesses, by itself, give to a staginess picture, but completely deprive of reliability. And the fighter without reliability is a shnyaga in " style; G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra . I understand, in the same Uncontrollable too there is couple of moments amusing public the realism but there to such an extent did not go too far.

The second and last claim is, as always, too terry scenario. Understand, I do not offer an easy way from point A to point B without excess stops, but why to overload a brain of the viewer who came to a session of entertaining action, a heap of names and interrelations. It not Secrets of Los - Andzheles eventually. Again everyone mixed in a heap: mercenaries, CIA, Ministry of Defence, counterfeiters. One sets up another, that the third, and together are on friendly terms against the fourth which appears not the fourth, but the fifth.

With actors in To the " Team; And everything is all right, all on the places though I, repent, he is not familiar with the original therefore I will not be able to compare to serial images. Liam Neeson since recent time finally zamateret, and success Hostages in which it alone carried a floor - Paris, only urged forward producers to invite Neeson to roles of very cool guys. The only thing that was not enough for the colonel Hannibal Smith, so is a little self-irony. Even Slay tried to joke on himself in Uncontrollable and to Neeson, very cool and versatile actor, God ordered. But screenwriters so excuse did not order.

Bradley Cooper, new object of the peeping tiptoes after The Hangover pumped up a decent torso, but here it did not manage to draw attention to itself(himself). Especially as in couple delivered it very greyish Jessica Bil, but not, let us assume, Zoe Saldana ( Losers ) .

Barakus performed by Kuinton Jackson, the former professional fighter and the bright, charismatic athlete, did not lose to Mr. T at all., and can in something looked even more convincing. And the main star of the movie, certainly, and it note many, there was Sharlto Copley to whom after Area No. 9 Hollywood opened the embraces. And Copley was not slow to use this situation. His mad character Murdoch is a highlight of the program for the sake of what it is worth watching all movie especially as at Murdoch is rather decently screen time.

And here with villains at creators of the movie somehow it did not develop. If the mercenary Payk still though somehow fits into this bacchanalia, then Patrick Wilson in an image of the false agent Lynch is somehow unconvincing. The villain is the charisma which is splashing out from the screen waves - a tsunami, it Joker Heath Ledger, it is Eric Roberts in Uncontrollable it is Ad O`Ross in To red heat . Wilson just lacked ability and a strength of mind to become the real film villain.

Results. Good, watchable, strong fighter. Went too far in special effects and too confused the scenario, but could create convex, dynamic images of the main characters and lifted the general staginess of the movie on the level, quite worthy for Hollywood. It is obvious that authors very much tried to make everything as it is better, but they were brought by desire of producers to capture wider audience that developed into receiving children`s PG rating - 13. And the children`s fighter is a children`s fighter. No more.