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How to learn to smile?

Smile-! I do not joke, approach a mirror and just smile. You like this smile? Before I screw couple of clever words, stay, please, a little more in front of the mirror. Represent just cheerful mood. It`s a go?

Well, and faint smile? Normally? Then present yourself hardly constrained smile (well as if you try to hide very much a smile)? (If well it turned out, try as - nibud it on the stranger in transport: look, constrain a smile, poluotvernis. Every second of those at whom looked will begin to recover or examine himself. This simple reception, at times, it is possible to switch off not bad harmful the satellites which are actively preventing conversation).

And now smile from ear to ear. Your smile is sincere, it is pleasant to you? Well, then so far will be enough, and at a leisure experiment with a cold smile, with protective, with surprised, confused, friendly and others. There is a lot of them, the truth? Nearly forgot: before reading further, decorate yourself with a faint smile and mark ten minutes.

There is such medical term - a contracture. Try - to move at once a hand after to you removed from it the lying month plaster! Contracture. Generally violation of mobility of a joint or an okocheneniye of muscles is meant. Later the term, having a little changed, crept also in psychology. Look at faces of people on the street: sometimes it is possible to catch a causeless grimace of fastidiousness, sometimes fear, and sometimes gloom. Psychological contracture. The person, most likely, long lived in fear or was in an unpleasant situation, as caused the corresponding masks on a face. Ho flew days, and muscles got used to be in new situation. And here the irritant disappeared, and the press on a face remained. And you know, are rude it hammered and how more often frightened? Observe - I am glad if you not among them.

Having come from the street, right there glance in a mirror. Later some time, settle down more conveniently before it and again look at the person. In both cases what you can tell about mood of this person, meet you him on the street? If it not something neutral, consider, the first call rang out: it is necessary to be retrained. Relax. If it difficult works well, make experiments right after a dream. Achieve tranquility on a face. Remember this feeling. Smile. Again calm down. The more often, the better, watch several once a day in a mirror and control yourself. Already everything is all right? Then came it is time to smile. Achieve that all smiles from the first paragraph were pleasant to you.

Recently I saw the beautiful girl. Thought, beautiful until she smiled - it was similar one grin more, at night I for certain would be frightened. And when itself looked in a mirror, noticed that my smile is a little asymmetric. For few weeks corrected. And still I washed away sides between some smiles and I, sincerely expressing pleasure, plainly did not know that at me on a face. Now I know how it looks and I can control the person.

By the way, maybe, there passed already cut ten minutes? Still you smile? And how face muscles, were not tired? The first time having done it, I fairly got tired. A psychological contracture - these muscles did not get used to work. And now realize if muscles so quickly are tired whether there will be a faint smile - mood to live long on your face without special trainings? Right. And you know, I noticed that the number of maiden views of me increased approximately twice - three times. A smile as if the magnet, attracts these views and other smiles. Act!

You sometime had to observe over the one to whom you smile? And I noticed that I it had only friends and friendly adjusted people. I did not smile to all girls, and the more I liked the little girl, the I was more serious. In the blockhead! And in fact it is the same habits and anchors of which it is necessary to get rid. See as you react to different situations, the result can be very unexpected. You know how cool to smile simply to those who are pleasant? How from it the mood column flies up?! Necessarily you become the optimist. Try! Day, week, month - will also turn out, surely it will turn out!

And when it turns out, you will already forget loneliness, believe.