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Review of the movie Seventh gates of hell (1981)

1981 became very fruitful for Lucio Fulci. It released three movies at once: Black cat The House on the edge of the cemetery and Seventh gates of hell . Three horror films which are quintessence of director`s style of Fulci. So left that Seventh gates of hell caught sight to me practically right after viewing Houses on the edge of the cemetery therefore I necessarily compared these two pictures among themselves. Also has to note that all is unambiguous hands and legs-voiced for House because Gate - it something indescribable. Be Fulci Bender Zadunaysky, it would be possible to declare openly - incurred Ostap!

Two horrors are united not only by year of production. In - the first, the leading role in both movies was played by specially invited Englishwoman Katriona McColl (it appeared also in the first part of the informal trilogy of Fulci, City of living dead persons 1980). In - the second, the subject line of both pictures actually identical, for what thanks to Fulci, as to the coauthor, and also screenwriter Dardano Sakketti. You judge.

1927. American state of Louisiana. Godforsaken hotel in the Godforsaken small town. In the room at number 36 of a gloomy look the artist draws not less dreadful picture. To it rush into number to the peyzena with kolyushche - the cutting weapon and lynch the poor creature, directly without departing from cash desk. Following an introduction to wet in toilets dissatisfied farmers, having accused the draftsman (everyone strives to offend the artist) that it opened one of seven gates of hell, nail it with nails to a wall of a toilet and water with the certain killing substance which is visually looking like cement. On it the prolog of the movie comes to an end, as well as life of the unfortunate lodger number 36.

Our time what it was in 1981. Lonely and childless Lisa Meryl joyfully comes to the hotel which got to her by inheritance. The former model and the dancer (though neither that, nor another is confirmed by external data at all) is madly happy because it hopes to tint a facade of the gloomy building and on - fast to weld on money. In the house from the former owner there was a laconic servant Marta and stranger Artur. To dismiss them at Lisa the hand is not raised therefore old inhabitants of hotel still on it scurry about, being frightened by own reflections in rare mirrors.

The former owner, apparently, waved long ago on the hotel (looking as a shed from within and outside) a hand because the ruin reigns in the building, and in the cellar in general punched a pipe and it is possible to arrange competing in speed with rats heats on small distances. For the termination of a flood the new hostess calls the plumber Joe with whose arrival the integral structure of the narration comes to an end, and the mad bacchanalia of death, absurd, mad characters and nonsenses from which there is a wish to cry and laugh at the same time begins.

To plumber in the cellar the terrible hand picks out eyes. Joe, without having endured such rough attitude towards the sanitary person, right there goes to a next world. Marta who found it does not shout and the dead employee of ZhEK in the cellar does not cry supposedly too nevidal. And it is right, will be farther still stronger. John is sent to a bolnichka. Not to be treated, by itself, and on opening. There sent one more corpse, already semifresh, also found by Marta. Notice, any police, any detectives. Found two mertvyak with obvious traces of violent death and nobody does not care. Louisiana, wild land.

The late Joe`s wife who came to a morgue to dress up the husband in a ceremonial suit beyond the grave unexpectedly something is frightened and falls backwards to hold up the physiognomy under overturned to bank with sulfuric acid. The effect that is called is available.

Meanwhile Lisa meets the blind girl Emily and her seeing eye dog of Dickie. They lovely talk that Lisa needs to clean up from hotel to hell, otherwise to her and all her family to the fifth knee will come striking and final alles gemakht. Then slepenky something it is frightened and runs away. Runs away quickly, not each sighted person will catch up. Lisa does not obey the stray prophet and rises in above-mentioned 36 - y number where on a toilet wall everything also suspends the beaten artist. Lisa terribly shouts and falls in embraces to doctor John McCabe who passed nearby.

After mysterious and terrible otherworldly forces kill the servant Marta, Emily with a doggie, muffled Artur and even the local architect who helped Lisa to put hotel in order, the hostess and the doctor at last remain alone. However instead of buying wines, to bungle a dinner and to light a fireplace, they with unclear to the reasonable person intentions go to hospital. Just something pulled them in a morgue towards evening.

Meanwhile in hospital the total nightmare is created. All dead recovered, wander about corridors, bite and do not wish to keep within back though time already later. The doctor is enough the organic colt, Lisa and together they make the way through crowds of walking dead persons to an exit. The question of that why they here in general were secured, is not necessary on the agenda. Now it would be desirable to be chosen. It is desirable entirely, but not in parts. Having shot all cartridges in immortal bodies of patients, heroes find a way out and inexplicably again appear in the hotel cellar. There, as well as it was promised, they find that Gate to Hell about which all movie all only and was told. Having stepped on that side, Lisa and the doctor lose sight and forever vanish from our world, having become only part of the terrible picture painted by oil in 1927.

Friends, I could not resist temptation to tell you about this rubbish, even, despite spoilers. Though, I`m sorry, what to hell there can be spoilers at the plot which is not making sense? As you can see, subject peripetias of the movie really desperately duplicate events Houses on the edge of the cemetery . Again before us the house captured by an ancient damnation, again the new lodgers acting as gun meat for the demon living in the cellar, again inexplicable, but devilishly ominous otherworldly forces behind which invisibly there is It, the Fallen Angel.

In fact, Seventh gates of hell - it is the movie, most typical for Fulci, therefore everyone enough one this picture will be to examine his creativity. Unlike the colleagues on a genre, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava, the director always endowed common sense to please of naturalism and staginess. Staginess in Fulci`s understanding consisted in the greatest possible amount of blood, guts and the torn-off extremities. So if you fondly believed what the most cruel movie is Saw or some " Hostel; you it is simple not in a subject.

Anyway, Fulci`s movies are considered as classics of a horror. All today`s pillars of a genre, such as Wes Craven grew by them ( The Nightmare on Vyazov Street and Shout ), Alexander Azha ( Mirrors ) and many others. Horror films, especially Italian, it in general very specific action therefore I will not recommend this movie for viewing. But persons interested all the same will be.