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Why number 13 is called Baker`s dozen ?

BAKER`S DOZEN - figure to which are attributed a set of a vrednykha (that is much more rare) useful magic properties. Some coincidence with this number are so amazing that the common sense refuses to consider them as accidents. Really, whether incidentally it? The eagle on the coat of arms of the USA had 13 feathers in each wing. The American Union was originally formed just by 13 states which accepted the motto consisting about of 13 letters ( pluribus Unum - From many Uniform ) and when George Washington solemnly hoisted the colors of the USA, solemn salute sounded... exactly from 13 volleys!

For comparison of strange properties it would be useful to remember also other figures. For example, the fatal role of number 14 in life and destiny " is axiomatic; the king - the sun Louis IV. Really: - he was 14 - m on the account the king of France, ascended to a throne on May 14, 1643 (1+6+4+3=14), was rescued by Tyurenn in Pancake in 1652 (1+6+5+2=14), declared full age in 14 years, began to govern after Mazarini in 1661 (1+6+6+1=14), signed the contract in Dover in 1670 (1+6+7+0=14), and, at last, died at the age of 77 years (7+7=14), that is in 1715 (1+7+1+5=14)!

Why does that happen in the history and what this strange logic of numbers is based on, people could not understand neither then, nor now, - but is it important if regularity finds regular confirmation in experience? Perhaps, therefore a symbol and a secret image of number 13 is the image of a female skeleton which, having widely grinned, quickly moves, holding in bony hand a braid and cutting off it on the run a grass among which the chopped-up parts of human bodies are visible?! And at the same time it is strange: once the skeleton passes a little forward, extremities of the people who are growing up from the earth right there are shown...

Philip, the successful and victorious tsar of ancient Macedonia, having attached the, - become 13 - y, - a statue to idols of 12 highest gods, suddenly died, killed in theater. On the Last Supper of Christ with 12 apostles was - together with Judas Iscariot - 13 messmates. The 13th head of the Apocalypse is devoted to descriptions of great disasters which accompany arrival of Antichrist, a terrible Animal from a chasm. The Jewish cabbala lists 13 main evil spirits. And so on, and so forth. And, at last, having begun to write this essay about number 13 just on November 13, the author unintentionally scattered salt and right there squabbled with all house... Probably, from - for these of unhappy features of number 13 not you will find apartments N 13 in all western hotels, you will not find places with this strange number in opera theaters of Italy anywhere, at a table in the decent house you will never be put 13 - m, and absolutely by the rare ship the captain will offer you 13 - yu a cabin!

It is also worth noting that - as almost all another in this paradoxical world - number 13 has not only negative, but also positive properties: since antiquity it was noticed that the thirteenth in group was considered as the most powerful and strong. Such is Zeus in an environment of twelve inhabitants of heaven which he leads as the thirteenth, being allocated with force and power - at least, Platon and Ovidy so tell. Ulysses, the thirteenth among the companions, only escapes a gluttonous Cyclops. In the Indian pantheon there are 13 Budd. The United States of America, the state formed under obvious influence of number 13 is the powerful power. And so on. In numerical symbolics of modern occultists, the number thirteen represents the active principle: rub in unity with ten which contains it, and, therefore, and limits. They claim that the number thirteen corresponds to organized and dynamic system ( limited and extremely specific ) which, however, is not universal. At the same time thirteen in certain respects is a key for understanding and a manipulation certain private whole. Other mystics treat number thirteen as universal force which can be both kind, and angry. Thanks to static (ten is static) and dynamic ( Turner - the three - it is active) to borders, 13oboznachayet fatal evolution to death - to achievement of some force, but as this the last is limited, it turns out 13 a symbol of effort which periodically suffers crash. Speaking generally, 13 - this excentric, marginal, wandering element - comes off a normal order and a rhythm of the Universe therefore from the space point of view the system of number 13 initiates mainly pernicious initiatives; its actions are not harmonized with the universal law therefore they can be only blind and insufficient. 13 can promote evolution of the individual, however it blows up orderliness of a macrocosmos and shakes its rest: this number breaks balance of the various relations in the world (12+1). The role which is played by number 13 in theology, a calendar and astrology of ancient Mexicans is extremely interesting, at last: everything, on their beliefs, there are 13 gods - twelve main stars and 12 main gods, - being forms 13 - go which at the same time is 1 - m, or Great God Neba.

Occultists quite so interpret 13 - y the Great Lasso of Taro, Death which designates not the end, but the next beginning after the termination of the previous cycle: 13 = 12 + 12. In consciousness of Aztecs the number also possesses really space importance. Each of them is connected with certain god, a point in space, color and ensemble of influences which can be both positive, and negative. Thirteen at Aztecs is a number of the time which also marks the termination of the next series of events in time. 13 days are the duration of their week; 52 (13x4) is a century of Aztecs. 1352 = To 676 years, time of life of everyone them 4 - x sun obrazovyvayushchy together one Great period.

Generalizing the supervision, numerologies claim what 13 is a number which corresponds to the new beginning, but with delicate feature: here it is not so much about the new birth how many about radical alteration of a thing. Thus, 13 Danaid which cannot be filled, or, even better, infinitely repeating Sizifov`s movements than a stone up and its inevitable returns in a starting point can personify, for example, a barrel.