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What main components of education?

When we begin to reflect on education, it is the best of all to begin with history of this word. It is known that the word education goes back to Latin where it designated to reveal to find to do obvious . The knowledge of history of the word helps us to understand better the training method offered by the Greek philosopher Socrates 1 .

Socrates said that true knowledge is inside everyone. We can learn or remember it only thanks to suitable training.

According to its theory, the teacher should ask pupils such questions which can reveal and take natural ability of the pupil to think, argue and take part. Pupils observed, investigated, applied the gained knowledge in life and made discoveries. What beautiful philosophical current!

the Modern education system is definitely far from that that existed at the time of Socrates. In modern educational system the main thing for pupils is learning of huge volume of information. Our education system just demands that information was hammered into the head of the pupil and, the main thing, was it is given out to them at examination. Also also the fact that such system destroys thinking and understanding of pupils, their ability to reveal regularities is not considered. Such way of education often forces children to hate school. It puts them in such conditions under which children become incapable to think and argue even within the subject studied by them. As a result our children cannot adapt to life. Same the cheating is simple!

But education can return themselves the lost statute. It is possible to increase considerably education level, just asking questions which intrigue, concern, give will to imagination. For example, so: What can I think up what this idea would earn? Whether there is a way to break this barrier? or How I can connect this new idea with what I already know? . Tell

to your pupils about modern problems and questions on which scientists try to find the answer. Suggest them to think up solutions of these problems and to give the versions of answers to questions. Suggest them to dream, dream up, in other words let they think unconventionally - they have to know that in the presence of creativity everything is possible.

In order that education returned to the roots (if you want, to sources), pupils have to have a possibility of the choice of information. They have to have the right to ask a question of what is known or it is written in books. Teachers have to give examples from history which accurately show: what is true today, can become false tomorrow. Students have to have an opportunity to study their own addictions (what is interesting to them) - because the passion and desire are the most important components of education . And it is always necessary to encourage students for an ingenuity. It is also a way to awakening and support of love to the doctrine which is deeply in us.

One new idea - is unimportant as far as it is small and insignificant at first sight - can become huge and considerable; perhaps she will be able to bring all people in our world from ignorance to truth. Eventually, such opportunities - lawful inheritance of education!

Karlinn MacCormick,

the author of numerous publications concerning education and training materials, the founder of the first on - line of academy of Applied Education, since 1992 has the license of the International Applied Education

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1 . Socrates : Ancient Greek philosopher (470 - 399 BC). Socrates was Platon`s teacher (who, in turn, became Aristotle`s teacher) and Xenophon (the Greek commander and the historian).