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Review of the movie Will understand only lonely (Only the Lonely, 1991)

the Chicago patrolman Danny Maldun (John Candy) unlike the colleagues from numerous police fighters behaves very strange. He does not organize pursuits of criminals within the city, does not sleep with a service weapon, does not make scandals to the prosecutor and does not look as the person who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In total absolutely on the contrary. Danny loves the work because it allows it to strike up useful acquaintances and to open doors which are locked for others. He gently and tremblingly loves the mother Rose (Maureen O`Hara) from whom he lives and boards under one roof in the parental house. Danny has an eccentrical workmate Sal (James Belushi) fixated on sex and baseball. It is more on sex. And also the native younger brother Patrick (Kevin Dunn) who married promoted the lawyer and now considers the right to give to the elder brother everyones useful (and not really) councils.

Measured, slow life of the bachelor already rather bored Danny, but his adored mother also does not want to hear about any girls. However the casual meeting on a funeral with the daughter of the owner of funeral bureau will forever change the police officer`s life. Immoderately timid Theresa Long (Ellie Shidi) and Danny fall in love each other at first sight. Right there it becomes clear that between them the whole abyss of contradictions. He is Irish, she is Italian. Even it is worse, her father is from Sicily! Danny constantly sponsors the mother, and Theresa for some reason wants that her darling first of all cared for her. Sal does not wish to lose the workmate at all on cheerful barchelor pastimes therefore also dissuades Danny from quick decisions. As well as the brother Patrick who wants to alloy quicker mummy and the brother to Florida that, God forbid, Danny did not marry and did not impose to him to look after mother.

As you can see even if happiness smiled to you, it does not mean that hearts of people close to you fight in unison with yours. Now Danny it is necessary not only to prove to all people around that Theresa - that, one and only. First of all it has to change itself, learn to decide the destiny independently, without looking back at opinion of the majority which, as we know, too can sometimes be mistaken of

the American director Chris Columbus deserved in Hollywood a rank the most tear cinematographer because practically all its tapes are overloaded with romanticism and are excessively sentimental. What does not prevent some of them to be extremely popular and kassovo successful. It is possible to give the classical family comedies " as an example; Adventures of the babysitter (1987) and two first parts of the well-known Christmas film hit Home Alone . Also belongs to Columbus`s feather less successful Mrs. Doubtfire and the two first the movie from film series about Harry Potter.

Will understand only lonely - it is the fourth project in career of the director removed by it on the roll Home Alone . Tape probably the most typical for Columbus`s creativity. A touching story of love of the well-fad police officer - the loser to the constraining and closed worker of funeral bureau who is making up dead men before the last issue. History in the best traditions of a gold era of Hollywood 30 - x - 40 - x years of the twentieth century.

The leading role in the movie was played with all the heart me by the favourite John Candy who is ideally fitting into a role of the unlucky and shy boyfriend. It is quite possible that this picture did not get big spectator love partly from - for the fact of rejection of Candy as the hero - the lover. Really, before it got generally roles of ridiculous, clumsy clodhoppers, as in the parody detective story Who such Harry Kramb? (1989) or sad comedy By Plane, by train, by " car; (1987). It is madly a pity that the actor so early died; he was only 43 years old, and the latest work of Candy became Canadian " bacon; (1995).

The best friend Danny was played by James Belushi who has absolutely small party here in spite of the fact that Belushi already then was at the zenith of fame after premieres Red heat and To - 9 . All the matter is that Belushi and Candy were great friends. The actress Ellie Shidi got a role of the main object of love, a star of movies " Club; Breakfast and the fantastic comedy " shown in the Soviet hire; Short circuit .

It is remarkable that paying a tribute to classical melodramas of Hollywood, Columbus invited in the movie the valid star of those times, the actress Maureen O`Hara shining on the screen in the late thirties - the beginning of the fortieth. For Maureen this project became the first full-length tape in 20 years (was previous Big Jake in 1971). To it in couple invited grown old, but still magnificent Anthony Kuinn to whom was not to get used to embody images of the aging lady`s men in cinema. In addition to this amicable company in very short episode with Danny`s nephews it is possible to notice two favourite stars of Columbus of that period - juvenile brothers Macaulay and Kieran Culkin.

As it is sad, but similar movies American (and any other) the film industry does not let out any more. Present comedies do not do without sortirny humour, and the melodrama, even the most innocent and romantically adjusted any more, will not miss chance to show something juicy. For comparison, in Will understand only lonely even in episodes where Danny, remaining alone from darling, drew to himself in imagination of a scene of violent death of mother, you will not see blood at all. However, it not so much speaks about care of creators of a picture of the audience how many about effective system of film ratings.

What we have as a result. Fine romantic tape. Great actors, a simple and clear story about love and about difficulties of the choice meanwhile who are loved by you and those who love you. It is recommended to viewing at the depression moments for a raising of mood and a sincere relaxation.