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How to sleep comfortably? Buy a qualitative mattress!

Are popular wisdom: Who sleeps a little, that sleeps always .

the Full-fledged dream - one of the most important components of our health. The lack of a dream cannot be filled with anything - neither vitamins, nor healthy food, nor walks in the fresh air. Having analysed a way of life and habits of long-livers, scientists found out that these people sleep much. And here at deficiency of a dream as researchers from the Washington University established, decreases not only labor productivity, but also immunity, and at the same time the risk of increase of arterial pressure increases, increases in weight, emergence it is warm - vascular diseases, diabetes and a depression.

But the healthy, full-fledged sleep is impossible without comfortable mattress. As in a night we turn on average 60 - 90 times, quality of a mattress is very important. Many people wake up at night from - for the fact that they hardly try to nestle in a bed. This problem is solved: for a comfortable and qualitative dream there are special orthopedic mattresses which are capable to adapt to your body!

Orthopedic mattresses evenly distribute loading, repeating body contours. On a usual mattress the backbone caves in and vertebras adopt the wrong provision owing to what carrying out a nervous impulse from a spinal cord to muscles and fabrics of different bodies can be broken, and from - for tension of muscles blood circulation and outflow of a lymph is broken. Chronic diseases of any internals or aggravation of already available diseases and deterioration of a dream result. How much is the real mattress for a full-fledged dream

Upon purchase of a new mattress you will inevitably face

one problem - the wide range of the prices. For example, the price of mattresses of 160 cm by 200 cm in size fluctuates from 3 000 to 100 000 rub. The good night dream is the best investments into the health and comfort. Therefore you have to choose the best mattress from what you are able to afford. Keep in mind that the majority of us carry out more than one third of life to beds, but your investments will cost kopeks a day within the next ten years - for example, less than 5 rubles a day at the cost of mattress of 18 000 rub (on condition of absolute 10 - a summer guarantee).

It is very important to know that qualitative modern mattresses do of the best materials, and than it is better a mattress, especially long comfort and support it will provide to you.

The good mattress, most likely, will be expensive, but money is at all not everything that you should spend. In good shop of mattresses there is a big variety of options, and it is important to understand them correctly. Some mattresses, for example, are made of stronger materials or have the springs made of better steel. And still you should spend time to find a mattress of the dream which will really improve your dream. To Nona regret time and spend at least 15 minutes on a mattress which you decided to get.

When you buy a mattress, remember that the current choice will define your dream for many years forward. If it was pleasant to you, but it seems too expensive, estimate, what is the time you spend for a dream within several years, divide the price of time, and investments will not seem to you so huge any more.

When needs to change a mattress

1. If you sleep on a mattress more than ten years.

2. If in the morning you feel like more tired than when you went to bed.

3. If the sofa seems to you more convenient, than a bed.

4. If you wake up with pain or unpleasant feelings in a back every morning.

5. If your mattress has an uneven surface, fails or sinks and does not restore the form after you from it get up.

6. If lying on a mattress, you feel in a spring.

7. If a mattress so rigid that in a dream at you flow hands.

One man is no man

should pay Special attention to the choice of accessories, in particular pillows. The pillow supplements a mattress and gives necessary support to the head and neck. On a good pillow you do not feel discomfort, muscles of a neck and a back are relaxed, blood circulation is not complicated, breath is free.

the Best brands at the best price

Buyers always ask

a question: To What producer of mattresses to give the preference? or Whose production will be the most qualitative? The definite answer does not exist as many firms which are working not one year in this sphere and deserved the corresponding reputation slightly differ from each other in the applied technologies and materials, and also price category or delivery terms. There are some brands which deserved the maximum trust of buyers.

Mattresses Ascona have a reliable and strong basis - the spring blocks developed by the American company Leggett & Platt inc. . Modern, eco-friendly fillers provide climate - control of a sleeping surface and have bactericidal, antistatic and antistress effects due to impregnations.

Mattresses of Mediflex were developed and approved by the academician Valentin Ivanovich Dikul. After a year of testing V. I. Dikul recommends these mattresses for people with diseases of a backbone and oporno - the motive device. At complex therapy of diseases of a back mattresses of Mediflex accelerate recovery process.

King Koil - mattresses and the bases a premium - a class, are executed in the best American traditions. The American association of orthopedists and manual therapists of FCER appropriated to mattresses and the bases of King Koil a rank The Best orthopedic sleeping system from sold in the world . Mattresses of King Koil are the conventional world standard of luxury.

Serta - the mattresses received during creation of unique production in 1931 when there was a merge of 13 companies - producers of mattresses in uniform corporation which directed all the efforts to development of exclusive mattresses under Serta brand . Now the Serta company is the largest global manufacturer of mattresses with world representation in 140 countries of the world. Besides the best materials and the most careful methods of production of mattresses, of Serta is proud of a rank of the leader of the mattress industry by quantity of innovations and patents.

Purchases, health pleasant to you and good dreams!