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What holidays before new year?

October (the Leaf fall, Zhyolten) on October 1 (leaf fall) are noted by

the holiday of a meeting of Fall with a Winter called in the people by the Cover. This festival originates very deeply in initial pagan Russia, and, perhaps, Svarozhyem was called the First or Small Autumn earlier. This day Svarog covers Earth with the fallen leaf yes klicht Light Gods on the Sky (in Svargu). On the earth - the end of autumn round dances and merrymakings, the beginning of a winter maiden sit-round gathering and weddings.

On October 4 (leaf fall) Farewell the Wood goblin - farewell to Lesnoy by the Owner till next spring and gratitude for all its gifts collected in the wood during the summer is marked out. The wood goblin - the represented soul of the wood. When the winter comes, the Wood goblin and the wood subject to it fall asleep. However, belief in the fact that Wood goblins sleep all winter till spring - was widespread in Russia not everywhere.

From October 21 to October 27 (a leaf fall, zhyoltnya) Autumn Grandfathers (Navya Week) - a train svyatodny, preceding Autumn Makoshyyu, week (week) of commemoration Predcov, carrying out funeral feasts and other funeral ceremonies are marked out. Farewell dos Predcov in Iry (till next spring) which fixing itself the Sort Heavenly become Spirits - Guardians of the SORT Terrestrial.

October 28 (a leaf fall, zhyoltnya) [on the next Friday by November 1] is celebrated Autumn by Makoshye (Autumn Mokrida) - svyatoden when Mother Syra Earth and the Monarchess " Water; fill up till next spring. About this time bring them occasional offices and apologize at them for everything, than annoyed to them in the coming to the end year. svyatoden this is devoted by Tako to Makosha`s Mother - to the Spinner Nebesnoy, the Empress Sudeb, the Holder of Pokutny Threads (Threads of Destinies) of all real.

Since October 31 (leaf fall) for November 1 (grudenya) - charodeyny Velesova (Marina) Night when Belobog is finally given by Colo Gaudas Tchernobogou, and Vrata Navi to the first roosters (or till the dawn) are widely open in the Reality. The next day (on November 1) sometimes is designated in the Mariny afternoon.

November (Gruden) (grudenya) is celebrated on November 1 by

Svarogov Den, day of God Svaroga who is Praotts of all family of Gods. It shaped for rusichy the first plow and a Golden wedding ring therefore is a heavenly smith (The creator of the World and people), the patron of agriculture and marriage, and also God of the Heavenly Zodiac - Svarozhy`s Circles.

From November 1 to November 7 (grudenya) the Second is noted, or Great Autumn by Svarozhye, called by Svarozhkami taka - a train svyatodny, the devoted Svarogu, Koval Nebesny and the Father of Light Gods - Svarozhichey. Svarozhya week (week). Time final closings Svarg, and also time when Earth begins to be held down for the winter by ice. On the pagan temple the rooster is sacrificed.

On November 21 (grudenya) - arrival of the Moraine - Winters, day of the Slavic goddess of death of the Madder. Premerzky weather is established: it is drizzling, there is a sleet, cold wind, under legs slush blows. On a beginning do not say any slavleniye. Obavnitsa proclaims: And not smiyemo you glorify neither Mar, nor trouble .

On November 24 (grudenya) the holiday of the Goddess Sudby (maiden dedication) - Sacredly Shares is celebrated. Girls tell fortunes on spouses. In day of Destiny of the girl arranged the main fortune-telling. Was considered that at night on the eve of this holiday on absolutely simple signs it is possible to learn the promised, and also about how to be died in the next several years and how to bypass evil destiny (share). Night-school students. Pregnant women ask the Goddess about good and easy childbirth.

On November 30 (grudenya) Kalita - barchelor dedication is marked out. Festival of barchelor destiny - guys choose couple. This day young people are devoted in adult guys and accepted to barchelor society. Young guys jump to Heat, joining a nature feminine. Night-school students (musicales and concerts) are carried out.

December (Stuzhen) (stuzhnya) is celebrated on December 4 by

the holiday Vesta . The dawn is esteemed (zorya) which symbolizes itself fight light and powers of darkness.

On December 6 (stuzhenya) Velez`s Meeting - Moroz (Velez Zimnego) - svyatoden when meet Velez in his winter appearance - in Father Frost`s image is celebrated. Moroz`s holiday, Winters, snow and cold weather. Frost of taka the patron of all winter occupations which take place outdoors. As he is Velez`s Son and Madders, this day is often celebrated by thaw. Arrange with evening of this day feasts on which pass conciliation of quarreled. Festive strava (food): home brew, kvass, pies.

On December 9 (grudenya) the day of Dazhboga and Madders is celebrated. Orthodox Christians marked out Yury Holodny, or Zimnego Egoriya this day. On Yury, according to the national legend, the real winter frosts begin: The Winter of eyes amuses with snow, and cold tears ears . It is visible, without having endured an icy cold, bears on Yury in dens are buried, and wolves navedatsya to rural boondocks. Yury was considered in the people as the patron of wolves therefore not one wolf will not kill (zagryzyot) cattle without Yury`s command.

On December 24 (grudenya) Korochun - the shortest day and the longest night in a year is marked out. Celebration of Chernoboga and Madder. Koshchny God okorachivat expiring year. It is celebrated on the eve of the Christmas carol (Zimnego Solntsevorot). The beginning is carried out by priests of Chernoboga.

On December 25 (stuzhenya) the Christmas carol - one of the major svyatodny Kologoda dated for the Winter Solstice (Solstice) is noted. This day the new sun - the baby Hors (God of the Solar Face and Zimnego of the Sun) is born and therefore Horsov Prazdnik is marked out. About this time create an updating ceremony - revival of Fire and all night long burn down at tops of hills sacred fires, helping to the newborn Sun. Tako is fed kutyyoy (funeral stravy) Moroz, go round carol-singing and sing kolyadny songs.

Since December 25 (stuzhenya) on January 6 (stuzhenya) are celebrated Big Velesova Svyatki - twelve svyatodny, twelve months symbolizing themselves in a year (six light - light polukolo years, and others six dark - dark polukolo), since the eve of the Christmas carol (itself the Christmas carol is not among Christmas days) and to Turits (Vodokres). Charodeyny time when light of the new Sun is still too weak to disperse darkness (as it was in times when Svarog just forged Terrestrial Tverd), and the Gate connecting the Reality and Nav is widely open. It is a time of commemoration of ancestors - ancestors - navy grandfathers, carol-singing, ceremonial excesses, various fortune-telling, wide festivities and a youth sit-round gathering.

On December 31 (grudenya) Shchedrets (Generous Evening) - the last day of a Christmas-tide which is well-known for the shchedrovka and a festive feast is marked out. During a time a dvoyeveriya in Russia Svyatki was divided into two parts: lasting from the Christmas carol to Shchedrets, and the Terrible (Vorozhnye) evenings proceeding to Turits. Christmas evenings (especially Terrible) were considered in the people as time when the devilry walks