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We study English: what advantage of foreign songs?

A lot of talk are carried on about what advantages the knowledge of English gives us, and also about where this knowledge can be applied. Of course, a main goal of studying of any language is communication. Thanks to exchange of information with the interlocutor you, sometimes even without suspecting that, you improve the communicative skills and a pronunciation, you increase a lexicon, and also you gain more self-confidence. But besides the main advantage which the knowledge of language gives us, there is still a set of additional opportunities which help us to develop and improve the language, and also give chance with advantage to spend free time. What there is a speech about? About reading not adapted literature, about listening of foreign songs, well and, at last, about viewing of movies in a foreign language.

This time I suggest to talk about foreign music. Why about it? You judge: on viewing of the movie at you can not be time, before reading the book hands " do not reach; but you so just will not get off music. Music everywhere: you turn on the TV, and the commercial is accompanied by the foreign song, you change the channel, and there the foreign priest - the performer already acts, you take the wheel, you turn on radio (or the favourite CD) and it appears the song in English. Familiar situation? It is sure that yes. Every day, irrespective of our desire, we face this additional opportunity. Why I call listening of music an opportunity for development and improvement of language?

The answer is very simple.

It is one of ways for application of the knowledge in practice, and also for improvement of this knowledge. Let`s talk about it in more detail.

For certain each of you can call several songs in English (or any other foreign) language which are pleasant to it. They can be pleasant for many reasons: the good melody, pleasant memories connected with this song, a beautiful voice of the performer, excellent video on the song it is possible to list very long. But very few people will tell that the song is pleasant to it from - for its text, to be exact from - for sense which this text bears in itself. Agree that it is absolutely illogical, initially the song as it is possible to learn from the explanatory dictionary, is the simplest and common form of vocal music uniting the poetic text with simple, a catchy melody. That is the main thing - that here all - the text, but not music.

Why it is so heavy to distinguish the English words and expressions even in favourite and familiar songs? In - the first, you, elementary, can not know those words which are used in this song. And it is just impossible to understand what you do not know. But happens and so that before listening to the song, you as the advanced Internet user, you decide to find at first the text and to get acquainted with it, and already then to listen to work. And here, it seems, you made sure that the majority of words are acquaintances for you, translated the remained minority and understood an essence.

Further you include the interesting song and nothing again. And at this moment you begin to think that they sing too quickly that them the pronunciation differs from a pronunciation of your teacher. And after that you have a question - as the language can help to develop songs?!

It is possible! To break off this, only in appearance a vicious circle, it is possible and it is even rather simple.

your problem is that you do not know words? The decision simple and logical - them needs to be learned. And let you are not frightened by this prospect. You should not sit for hours without a break and to jag words, to learn by heart paragraphs and to retell texts when there is easier and effective way.

You cannot distinguish words aurally? - You just lack practice of hearing and understanding. This problem is solved too. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to the country of the learned language at all or to catch foreign tourists on city streets, you can just visit a free introduction (fact-finding) lesson that to see how it works.

When you will be able to understand about what it is sung in the foreign song, foreign music will open for you from new, earlier unknown party. The sense of a favourite song, and, perhaps will be available to you, you fall in love with it even more. You will be able to open for yourself new genres and the directions which did not attract you earlier. You in practice will see how the words and expressions studied by you are used. You will pay attention to how are said (to be exact are sung) these words and expressions. Well and of course, you will hardly forget them because they will be constantly very famous.

It is necessary to use what surrounds us everywhere and chtotrebut from us very few efforts. The song is not only the background which surrounds us during the day is also a source (let and small) knowledge and useful information for those who learn a foreign language.

English Anastasius Suchkov`s

teacher English language courses