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Review of the movie The House on the edge of the cemetery

Italians, generally, very cheerful and sociable people. Hospitable, talkative. But they (and partially Japanese) taught to remove Hollywood deprived of imagination horror films. Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci - the names known to each film fan. The House on the edge of the cemetery - one of the most famous movies of Fulci who though conceded to the more eminent colleagues in skill but compensated this lag by violence of paints and diligent following to the style. And the director had very peculiar style.

The main character doctor Norman Boyle learns that his colleague Piterson who was engaged in scientific work on research of old mansions left this frail world, having taken the mistress on a next world. To whom grief, and a coma and useful 5,000 dollars a year because professor Muller kindly asks Norman to finish work of the late colleague. For this purpose the doctor and his family (the wife Lucie and the juvenile son Bob) need to move to half a year from New - York to New England, town New Uitbi in vicinities of Boston. Even, in spite of the fact that the little girl with it is black - the white photo hanging in a drawing room Boylov strictly forbade the kid Bob to come to the ominous house Freydshtaynov (the English dubbing-in says this surname as Froydstin).

As you understand, on arrival to a family Boylov pushed the estate Freydshtaynov (on the code name oak mansion ) because people they trustful, with history of locals unfamiliar. In loading the lovely rieltersha recommended them the nurse who if to think, is necessary to them, like a fish needs a bicycle, because even Norman works, without leaving the house. The nurse Anna possesses a penetrating, demonic glance and got used to listen more, than to speak.

Did not manage to accustom Boyla as in their new house began to occur strange, places terrible things. Doors creak from scratch, children`s hysterical crying is in the silence of the night heard. Continuous mysticism. Especially all are strained by the driven-in door to the cellar, the neighbourhood with a family cemetery and a gravestone directly in the middle of a corridor. The situation develops, to put it mildly, unfriendly. Lucie who already sits on tablets from nerves feels how her roof, rustling with slate, slowly goes therefore insists on the fastest change of a residence. Having notified a rieltersha, spouses pack things and wait for news. Alas, will not wait because this madam desired to appear in the house in their absence, and it was cruelly killed by some slow, but extremely spiteful monster.

The group did not notice loss of the fighter. Only the servant Anna, having seen in kitchen the trail of blood conducting to the cellar habitually began to wash a floor. Whether confused with ketchup, whether worked at meat-processing plant earlier. Anyway, blood did not raise questions neither at it, nor at the hostess of the house Lucie. The monster in the cellar joyfully rubbed hands and after rieltershy beheaded also the servant. Like, if such booze went, we will write off Ania on the quiet too. However synulya Bob who is hanging around everywhere where it is possible also is impossible, came across Annushka`s remains and right there complained to Lucie. Like, a mammon, it at all not sharman that in the cellar the nurse`s head rolls otfigachenny a sharp object. Mother was right there disturbed, but was already late. The monster knows now that know about it, and seeks to escape from the cellar in this world

the Horror film of Lucio Fulci appeared two years later after Amitivill`s Horror (1979) and in a year after an exit Shine (1980) Stanley Kubrick. Therefore does not surprise at all that a plot Houses on the edge of the cemetery it is partially borrowed from these two classical movies. On the one hand, the doctor who arrived to work in the fresh air to pain reminds the character Jack Nicholson from the screen version Shine Stephen King. On the other hand, in our case not daddy goes crazy, and the house represents danger to its inhabitants. The only deviation from the above-stated pictures is existence in the cellar of the ominous zombie Freydshtayn. Do not consider for a spoiler because practically since the first minutes of the movie absolutely clearly that it is not about a ghost or the ghost, and quite real monster.

As it is accepted in all Italian horror films, characters often tell strange phrases, make unclear acts, and their motivation simply leads up a blind alley. The boy is on friendly terms with the deceased red-haired girl, mummy Lucie quietly agrees to live near a family cemetery of absolutely terrible look, and the father of family Norman prefers with a clever look to investigate causes of death of the colleague, but not to save a family from the decayed dead person in the cellar.

The first half of the movie is a little tightened while the viewer is smoothly brought to kryshesnosyashchy second part where Fulci suddenly remembers that he orders parade and begins to water generously the screen with fake blood and to clean characters of the movie in the corporate style. Fulci`s style is well-known in narrow circles of his admirers because it differs in special passion to naturalism. All this is removed extremely authentically and terribly therefore it is not recommended to chew something during viewing of the movie. Just in case.

It is summarized. If to leave alone claims to the scenario for secondariness and some melancholy, then Fulci`s tape can be ranked as classics of a genre quite. There is everything that fans of horror films so appreciate: ominous secrets, terrible interiors, the sea of blood and total absence snotty Hollywood hepp - an enda.