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Review of the movie Alice, dear Alice

1961. Small and very devout American town stands on ears. Directly during procedure of the first participle in church find the girl`s corpse. The personality died for anybody not a secret because Karen, younger of sisters Speydzhes, had to take communion on an equal basis with other children. The suspicion as it is strange, falls on her sister Alice who often quarreled recently with Karen and for some reason appeared in church after all. Foolish suspicion, if not a veil of Karen which inexplicably came to be in Alice`s hands.

By itself, the majority believes in innocence of the girl. The police is obliged to doubt and conducts investigation. As well as the ex-husband of Catherine and Alice`s father, the House which arrived to the daughter`s funeral to support the former spouse. During the investigation it becomes clear that Alice not only stores in the cellar of the house a jar with cockroaches and an ominous mask, but also has very large insects in own head. Strangenesses 12 - the summer girl especially irritate the sister Catherine the aunt Annie who does not even try to hide the aversion for the niece.

The main problem of the town is lack of the choice of casual clothes. Therefore all are forced to acquire dresses in one place including notorious it is bright - yellow raincoats with a hood which the most part of the female population uses. Karen had such raincoat, same is at Alice. Therefore when Annie is suddenly attacked by something yellow in a mask with a kitchen knife, the harmful aunt at once accuses Alice of this crime. The aunt is sent to a bolnichka, and the niece - to a mental hospital because that swears - swears that saw the late sister, and communication with dead persons is not the sphere of police any more.

The consequence reached a deadlock. Alice also does not think to be pricked on interrogation. Parents feel that the daughter does not lie, but is not able to prove it. And when under strange circumstances the father of family perishes, it becomes finally clear that the real murderer still on freedom also is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved the Picture of the director Alfred Soul initially was known to

under the name Participle (Communion), and the present name received when reprinting on video. For Soul this movie became debut, and he acted in quality not only the director, but also the coauthor of the scenario and the producer. What is interesting, events in the movie take place in the city where Soul was born and grew - Paterson, the state New - Jersey.

Being Hitchcock`s fan, the director tried to transfer all fibers of soul the love to the great master of a suspense to the first independent project. All elements of typically Hitchcock thriller are looked through by naked eye, as well as obvious loans at the European (Italian) colleagues in the person of Dario Argento and Mario Bava. The last, actually, are also considered as inventors and the main representatives of a so-called genre dzhallo mixes of the thriller and detective with bloody details and indispensable serial murderer.

Quotes from Psycho Hitchcock pour in buckets abundance. And if insufficiently kitchen knife which the murderer deals shortly with the victims and similar it is religious - the family conflict which is the cornerstone of a plot, then the poster flashing in one of episodes Psycho unambiguously points to the primary source of inspiration of creators of a tape.

This tape at cinema also debuted well-known Brook Shields, future star of the scandalous pictures Charming child and Blue lagoon and also Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Liam Neeson`s girlfriend and ex-wife of the tennis player Andre Agassi. Shields in To Alice the role touching, but sad and short got; she played that Karen, from - behind which all cheese - pine forest inflamed. As for the performer of the main party, Paula Sheppard (who to impossibility looks like our Yana Poplavskaya), to the young actress who embodied on the screen an image 12 - the summer girl, at the time of shootings knocked already nineteen (!) .

Personally I in the movie am confused only by motivation of the murderer which is explained by creators too chaotically and muffledly. If to add to it obvious secondariness and circuity, then it turns out that Alice, dear Alice despite all efforts of Soul, concedes to Hitchcock`s works. The director, apparently, too was not really happy with the creation therefore he released only two movies subsequently and passed into a profession of the art director to television.