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Create a cosiness in the house

Without cosiness in the house damp, it is empty and is cold. And has to be that the house pleased and warmed soul. Each of us wants to create a cosiness and beauty of the house, the special atmosphere urging to have a rest or to feel on the contrary more vigorously.

Is absolutely optional to do for this purpose expensive repair or to change furniture. Here what it is possible to make


the Smell is one of tools for mood, means of change of our perception of reality.

As theater begins with a hanger, so the house begins page. smell. You open a door and, without managing to cross a threshold, catch a house smell. Not for nothing advise at sale of the apartment to bring down on the buyer a smell of newly-baked pies. Smells influence our mood and health: the fir reduces stress, the eucalyptus adds cheerfulness, ilang - ilang sensuality liberates... Add to water aromatic oil with a favourite smell and spray on the room. Excellent depression medicine - a tangerine smell (or orange) and orange color.

COLOUR is a basis of an interior. Remember, before the room for rest called blue green ... The most functional color - white. It is possible, without recolouring walls, to set any tone for the room by means of textiles or furniture. Undesirable color in any room - black, is not recommended even just for decoration. Except color, also light is important. The beautiful lamp always does the room of cozier.

AIR Get rid of stuff. Let house breathes . Make rooms as it is possible is more spacious, having thrown out things which you do not use. If the room too close, whenever possible replace furniture with more compact. Use multiple layers in an interior: a podium with drawers, a rack with frequent small regiments. Approach creatively the house, and will begin to live more cheerful.


Such things can even cause a dissonance with the general style of the room. On that they and stylish features to be pleasing to the eye. Your house has to bring pleasure to you, but not neighbors and friends. Sometimes, that the small room in the hostel is more comfortable than a magnificent cottage only because in it identity of the owner is felt.


If your hall has the small sizes, it can be increased visually, having hung up a big mirror on a wall. Only do not make the following mistake: the mirror should not hang opposite to an entrance door at once. Hang up a mirror so that beautiful things and types were reflected in it.

At an entrance to the house, to the apartment is necessary bright light which lightens mood. Sometimes happens to replace enough a bulb in 60 W with 100 W.

Remember that corridors are arteries of your house, stir stuff in a hall and corridors current of vital energy and erect obstacles on your way. Holding old things on a look, you program yourself on continuous repetition of situations of the past. It can belong to ideas, problems, diseases, the relations with people and so on.

has to hang On a hanger only seasonal clothes, clean from it all superfluous. You will not be able to attract with a blockage on a hanger good luck to your house in any way.

you Keep a floor clean. It is noticed, many people suffering from a depression, not enough attention pay to purity of a floor, garbage and dirt on a floor is constant grounds their energy.

Standard plannings of our apartments are that that from a threshold of a hall it is possible to see kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom or even a toilet. To distract attention from these rooms, you hold closed doors, place in a hall on walls, on a floor the impressive interesting objects by the size distracting your attention from these rooms. Put floor vases, decorate walls with the live or artificial (not dried) flowers and plants, photos of an ikartinama of wildlife.


Excellent mood will bring green plants, the home fountain, an aquarium in your house. Even if you have no time for care of plants and small fishes, do not lose pleasure: flowers can be bought unpretentious, and the aquarium can be also without small fishes. consider

At the choice of pictures that though each person and has the favourite color, but the prevailing color in a picture is brighter, the quicker it will bother you.

Sense of the plot represented in a picture is of secondary importance. The main thing that it did not cause in you negative emotions. For the room the standard preference is the domestic landscape, and the still life will be suitable for kitchen more.


This room at registration of the apartment is not less important part of design projects today, than all other rooms. Recently the tendency to do bathrooms cozy and stylish not only by means of harmoniously picked up elements of finishing and bathroom equipment was outlined. Small architectural forms and various compositions do a bathroom of sukhotsvet or houseplants by the place of relaxation and rest. These rooms need that rigidity of walls was maleficiated by gentle greens of plants. By means of greens the bathroom can be made rather magnificent.