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Whether the rooster in a hen house is necessary?

If to ask the city dweller a question for what the rooster in a hen house is necessary, then the answer will be unambiguous - that hens to trample down who will lay then eggs. However it turns out that crested brood hens can do easily for this purpose and without rooster. Whether the rooster in a hen house is so necessary? Here what entertaining story about how its relations with a rooster deteriorated, Galina from the settlement, neighboring to my giving, told me. I provide her story in own statement.

Every year in the early spring I buy for giving hens - young women. When white leggorn or hayseks when greyish amroks or red it is broken - braun. All these breeds perfectly rush therefore I held hens always without rooster.

I do not know, the truth it or not, but somewhere read that astronauts eat the impregnated eggs. Here also I last year decided to get a rooster - to taste to compare eggs and for appearance on a farmstead.

The rooster was very beautiful, stately, with a smart jabot, the gentleman - always approached a feeding trough only after hens ate. First avoided me when I came into the open-air cage to give a forage and to bring order, observed from far away, but then got used and began to meet at doors repeated ku - - the river . I always stopped nearby, praised it, and we were with each other very happy. To one case.

I came somehow into a shed to take away eggs, and got at the time of dismantling in cock family. Hens could not divide a nest. One needed to rush, and another settled on eggs, having decided, probably, to hatch out chickens. The rooster tried to settle this conflict. Without having begun to understand which of them is right and who is guilty, I expelled hens and a rooster from a shed, took away eggs and quietly left.

But from that day my rooster as was changed. He ceased to meet me by singing and when I came in the open-air cage, tried to peck in legs. Every day his rage all increased, the rooster behaved more aggressively, at the sight of me eyes became ognenno - red, and plumage tousled. He attacked even then when I brought and spread to birds of sterns. It was necessary to put on trousers and boots. Then it began to run into me from running start and to beat with spurs. He obviously began to hate me - revenged, probably, for the fact that I interposed in their family matter. Neither arrangements, nor a hvorostina with which I came into the shelter changed a situation. Most of all struck me that now he began to sing loudly and victoriously when I, escaping from its attack, ran out from open-air cages. The rooster triumphed the victory. After two weeks of tortures I made for myself very difficult decision to leave a rooster.

When in the shelter there was no rooster, hens at my emergence got off in a corner. They ate less, began to rush much worse, and everything somehow went wrong.

Generally, for myself I drew such conclusion. When hens you buy only for summer contents, it is better to hold them without rooster. Hens very well rush all summer and usually do not seek to sit down on eggs. If for decoration of a farmstead and on pleasure to hens to buy a rooster, then the relations with it cannot be spoiled in any way.

I so did not feel a difference in taste of the eggs laid without intervention of a rooster or with his participation .