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Mechanism of a podzavodka of hours: autosubplant or.?

the Basis of a podzavodka of a mechanical clock are a spring. To wind watch, it is necessary to rotate a head which sets castors in motion, energy thereby is created and hours start walking.

It is no secret that already rather long time exists a tendency to automation. It could not but concern also hours. The mechanism of autosubplant consists of the small weight fixed on an axis. Such small weight is carried out in the form of sector. The center of gravity is displaced to edge. When moving a hand from one situation in another freight makes certain movements which wind watch.

As this mechanism rather fragile also exists probability of damage of a spring of hours, in them there is also a system of protection against breakage of a spring. Too rigid fastening of a spring to a drum can lead to its overstrain. To avoid it, use special fastenings in the form of a slip. At the same time the small weight has to be rather big on diameter as it is necessary that it overcame spring resistance.

This mechanism equips models of the most various producers, including the famous Swiss watch.

Main advantage is such hours that they are got independently. You should not watch whether hours stopped and whether it is necessary their podzavest constantly. Agree that it is convenient. It not the only advantage of hours with autosubplant.

It is known that when the term of a manual podzavodka comes to an end, hours can begin to lag behind. Respectively, the plant is fuller, the more precisely hours go. Hours also allow to solve this problem with autosubplant. Anyway, but you constantly move a hand that is, the spring in hours is constantly got that does hours by more exact.

Through an opening in which there is a clockwork head dust and moisture can get to the mechanism of hours that can lead to a contamination of hours. At automobile works this head is used extremely seldom, generally for switching therefore the probability of penetration in dirt considerably decreases.

Considering fragility and complexity of the mechanism of autosubplant, it has also shortcomings :

Creation of such mechanism - almost jeweler work. Freight is made of expensive material. All this does such hours rather expensive in comparison with usual. If offer you cheap hours with autosubplant, most likely, it is a fake.

the probability and the fact that such hours will break Is high. It is not necessary to speak about antiimmediacy at the same time as such mechanism very sensitive.

Often such models assume a big variety of functions, i.e. already difficult mechanism. Addition of autosubplant does some models very thick and heavy that not really conveniently and does them not too attractive to a female half of mankind. Plus to it, is required hours even more energy and autosubplant not always well copes with such task.

Despite these shortcomings, hours with autosubplant are very popular among consumers, including expensive models, for example hours of Tissot, Certina, Candino and many other brands.