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How to look after hands? Problems and decisions

Skin on hands and nails are very sensitive to external and internal influences, are easily damaged. Nevertheless, we cannot but wash hands regularly though soap and dries skin, we cannot but do the cleaning on the house, works in a garden, etc. It is all about the correct leaving which allows to avoid or get rid of already available problems with hands and nails. In more detail about each of problems:

Reddening of skin of hands. Is caused by violation of blood circulation in extremities. Arises as a result of chronic problems with warmly - vascular system. Can arise also if at you often in the winter hands, or after frostbites strongly freeze.

To get rid of reddening of skin, it is recommended to do contrast trays for hands with cold and hot water within 5 - 10 minutes of 1 - 2 time a day. After procedure it is necessary to apply dry skin cream on hands. For a tray it is possible to add several grains of potassium permanganate, soda to water (1 h a spoon on 1 l.) infusion from a bird cherry (2 h a spoon on 1 l. waters), oak bark infusion (50 gr. on 3 l. waters). At such problem as reddening of skin of hands, it is regularly necessary to carry out massage with cream.

Perspiration of hands. Is recommended to wash hands with hot water with some chemical solutions concerning which it is necessary to consult with the dermatologist, and also cold water with soap, and then to wipe with solution of salicylic acid the content of 2% of alcohol.

It is good to do trays for hands with strong tea, extracts of a sage, linden, yarrow, oak bark.

Wash hands in the morning with cold water and strew with mix of talc and boric acid (1:1).

General recommendations about a manicuring.

B cold a season (in the fall, in the winter and in the early spring) do not forget to put on gloves.

wash hands with milk From time to time.

In summertime rub cucumber juice in skin. It is good to wash hands in the winter in water in which potatoes cooked.

Nails to

needs Good moistening not only for skin, but also for nails. Any vegetable oil is a good natural humidifier. Oil to apply rather small amount on nails and to rub.

However problems with nails happen not only because of insufficient moistening.

Having looked at the nails, you can define what vitamins and minerals are not enough in your organism.

If nails thin, exfoliate also in white spots, so in your diet there is not enough zinc. This mineral contains in bean, mushrooms and whole-grain bread.

If the nail surface ridge, uneven, then is not enough for you vitamin A and iron. Use more greens, carrots, a melon, red meat.

Fragility and fragility of nails testifies to a lack of biotin which contains in yeast, grapefruit, a water-melon, bananas and strawberry.

the Lack of vitamin B results in fragility and fragility of nails, and change of a surface of nails on wavy. Vitamin contains in carrots, spinach, brown rice, a melon, walnuts. If you have a problem with skin of hands or nails, do not neglect everything, consult with experts - cosmetologists and dermatologists.