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Review of the movie Room of death

Young, but terribly perspective Emily Rayleigh (Kloe Sevinyi) receives the admission in confidential establishment. To such places of the woman get in two ways: or you the nice stripper ordered in cake on birthday of the colleague (you in vain believe that scientists and laboratory assistants are not able to have a good time - they are just not allowed), or, like Emily, the skilled psychologist and the physiognomist (the specialist in a mimicry and gestures). The task at Emily is extremely simple - she needs to watch record of one experiment and to draw on it the corresponding conclusions which have to satisfy her future employer in the person of ominous doctor Phillips (Peter Stormare).

Experiment, by the way, prilyubopytneyshiya. You look. The announcement of a set of persons interested to pass a test is published in the newspaper. The test, it and in Africa the test. To fill in the questionnaire. To talk for life on interview. To be kidding over Lyusher`s spots. At most, what it is necessary to make, so it to take inside couple of an experimental pill. The tail will grow or ears will fall off. The trouble is not big. So four " solved; lucky arrived to the marked morning to the place specified in the announcement. As expected, distributed to all on a weighty pack of paper with idiotic questions and locked in the white room with the chairs screwed on a floor. The Encouraging beginning - solved tested and sat down to fill in forms.

One woman (Klea Dyuvall) and three men. One black tramp, one former convict, one muffled loser and madam, whose past does not leave any doubts. Everything is silent - ticks in the text peacefully strike, communicate, divided assumptions into the account of the possible fee and fears concerning possible offers from owners of the room. Doctor Phillips who came a bit later managed to surprise all, even worldly-wise Crawford (Timothy Hutton). Especially Ms. because contents of her head at some moment of conversation with the sweetest doctor ceased to rest in a skull was surprised, and came to take a breath to a snow-white surface of a wall. Boom! Men shocked creep away on corners to realize an event, and d - r Phillips leaves the room as quietly as he some minutes ago came.

In terminology of experimenters the girl`s corpse which is bleeding profusely on a floor is not a corpse at all, it is an irritant at number N which is urged to cause in other inhabitants RD (Room of Death) certain, it is desirable completely controllable from the outside, emotions and acts. Experience purpose - it is a subject of disputes of the main characters and an essence of the movie therefore I will not tell about it (type a spoiler). However and without it it becomes clear to the viewer from first minutes that from four fans of a fast profit by the end of experiment there will be at most one. That for the sake of whom all circus with horses was also started.

As appears from all aforesaid, the picture of the director Johnathan Libesman does not radiate with heat of originality. Room of death removed in 2008, let out in world hire in January, 2009, and in Russia and that later, on August 12, 2010, it is obviously trampled down in the wake of more successful predecessors. As they say, the scenario is literally stuffed ears other projects on heavy relationship of people in the closed space. It is, first of all, about the Canadian picture Cube (1997) and well-known To the Saw (2004). Moreover, in parallel with KC her English twin brother " was released; Examination .

When the movie has so many interrelations and frank loans, wait for nothing good. Authors Rooms of death went in the incorrect direction: they decided to add to the psychological thriller of policy and espionage troubles, thereby having killed the good beginning on a root. And when Peter Stormare`s character gave a hint in a shot about September 11, I began to sob in a voice and hurried to give myself some tea to sweeten bitterness of unfulfilled hopes.

Libesman declared himself the quite good prequel Texas slaughter by the chiansaw: Beginning and even earlier good horror story Darkness comes . Why to it was to get mixed up in obvious profanation with Room of death it is absolutely clear to the mnena. It is obvious that the scenario KC it is absolutely secondary in addition overloaded with excess details and very doubtful motivation. And if acts of the main characters (those that in the room), still it is possible to explain and understand somehow, then brutality and cruelty of the persons watching their sufferings oversteps all reasonable limits. After that even Saw will seem the humane and fair movie.

At the expense of what the movie though somehow leaves, so it due to actor`s game. However, creators managed to push in the project at once two muffled actresses whom I hate Kloe Sevinyi and Klea Dyuvall. But man`s images were successful much better. In - the first, Stormare who, despite the poor scenario, the doctor Phillips wrote out without a hitch. In - the second, Timothy Hutton, a star Ordinary people (1981) for whom he received the Oscar, and Dark half (1993) on a novel of the same name of Stephen King. Hutton has many roles through passage, but here he was on the ball. Unexpectedly Shi Uighem as Tony who in more - less large statements was pleasant ( Forcing 4 Bad lieutenant ) usually flashes playing a supporting role.

Results of viewing are ambiguous. On the one hand authors of the movie obviously messed up by the principle passed from the sublime to the ridiculous since the idea was quite viable, and here realization pumped up. The final of the movie had to surprise, but upset with the helplessness rather. On the other hand, a strong cast which very much tries to extend a picture. Will pull with beer provided that you did not see Cube and Saw . Otherwise you can start missing.