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What colors are pleasant to men?

Researches on preference of this or that color by women and men show that women and men like different colors. For example, the knowledge of what colors are preferred by men, can be used in advertizing, is considered in design of office, an office, the apartment, in marketing.

To what flowers men give the preference?


Blue - favourite color both men, and women of any age. Men, however, more often than women give the preference to this color. Blue color influences soothingly, it is possible for this reason it is pleasant to both women, and men. Besides, blue is also color of stability, wisdom, the power.

Green Notice

, green is a color which very close on a color range is to blue. Green color - a little cold, calming, weakening. This color symbolizes growth, updating, health, balance, harmony with the nature.

Women prefer cold, quiet color, and men choose brighter shades of a cold color, for example, brighter shades blue and green more willingly.


of the Man as well as women, adore black color, only, perhaps, they get to themselves things and accessories of this color a little more often than women. The preference of conservative flowers, such as blue and black, can speak about social and cultural norms within which women are dressed in brighter and various colors, and men - in traditionally reserved suits.

What colors of the man are not loved? Violet color by right is considered

female as this color is chosen most often by women. Men choose this color extremely seldom as, actually, both turquoise, and lilac colors.

Most of people still still define pink color as purely female, and also color of children (girls). In spite of the fact that this color is considered accepted and in men`s wear, nevertheless, only the small percent of men wears clothes of pink color.

Choosing clothes for It, it is necessary to remember:

Should not buy up everything only blue color or shades of blue. Remember that:

Favourite flowers are black, and also green. With age the preference is given to green color less often.

Less preferable flowers are brown, orange and pink (the neutral, warm, mixed colors). With age negative attitude to brown and pink is felt more and more seldom, and here to orange, yellow it only increases.