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Whether the ATM is so terrible? Useful information about an iron box of

It is no secret that most of people old school 2 times a month - in day of advance payment and the pay day use the ATM. And many even do not approach the ATM, receive money from maps - the account in cash desk. I.e. withdraw all sum at once to exclude use of cards from everyday life. And all this is connected with the fear caused by development of various modern technologies. And suddenly money will be gone from the account, and suddenly the card will be swallowed by this iron Cyclops, etc. It is necessary to tell, as I have such relatives whom not for all the tea in China not to force to use the card.

We will begin with the fact that each operation performed by means of the ATM is confirmed by issue of the check. You should not refuse when the evil car offers it. It is the document confirming carrying out operation by you from maps - the account. If the ATM for any reason did not give the treasured piece of paper confirming very valuable operation do not despair, always in the place of delivery of a card it is possible to take the listing of all operations for any period confirmed with the press of bank and the signature of the cashier. In the same way it is possible to check all operations performed on yours of maps - to the account. For example, whether in a full measure employers transfer money whether correctly at you withdrew money in shop, restaurant, any salon etc.

Never write down a pin - a code (the password of access) on a card, the piece of paper lying in a purse near a card. Many people of an old formation all the same write down a pin - a code on a card and receive an array of problems at its loss. I had to hold such card forgotten in a hurry in the ATM in hand. I at once handed over it in community police office that, most likely, was a mistake. If you saw the card left in the ATM, do not hurry to take away it, the iron monster will swallow it in 20 seconds. And it will be simpler to owner to return the card since all forgotten cards get or in one of it is settlement - the cash centers, or in point where the card was issued. According to the statement the card will be returned to the owner.

Surely introduce number in the telephone book of the mobile phone it is settlement - the cash center that in case of loss of the map (that case if you do not know where it) right there to block it.

It is often possible to observe that people cannot receive money in the ATM. Choose the standard sum under a button, press, and the ATM gives out Equipment " Error; or still what, is sometimes simple spits out card. That it did not happen and not to waste time, always choose the " button; Other sum (can be called differently). In - the first, you will be able to see at once whether there is in the ATM cash, and in - the second what notes still remained. Respectively, you can gain the sum equivalent to the present notes.

If you made the wrong choice of operation or the sum, then you should not be frightened. Just press the " button; Cancellation the ATM will return the card or will return to the initial menu.

Happens so that the iron monster does not give any signs of life, the screen can even go out. Be not lost and at least seconds 20 - 30 you do not depart from the ATM, in most cases it dies off and suggests to prolong operating time with it.

If nevertheless the ATM devoured your card, file a petition in the place of its delivery. After a while your piece of plastic will be returned.

One more moment. During the receiving a new card or an exchange old surely take an interest via what ATMs of banks, except yours, you can withdraw money without the commission. That is with what banks your bank concluded agreements on beskomissionny service. Often it is necessary to observe turn in the ATM of one bank, but at a number of the standing ATM of other bank there is nobody though money in it can be received without the commission.

And the main thing when using the ATM: not to panic in critical situations. The majority of such situations is eliminated with own hand!