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How to untwist the blog?

Author: Andrey of Hyacinths

This question is very actual, and set it to themselves hundreds (or thousands) more or less successful bloggers who see that nobody reads their blog.

Well, I suggest to understand it, went!

What is given us? The new person in blogging. Recently created the blog or was only going to create it. Rather well knows a subject on which will write. And this person wants, that read its blog, left it comments and on it all people in this subject knew . Also it is desirable that the raising of money from the blog

the First was not its purpose. Forget about SEO.

of SEO - search optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization, the CEO, etc.) - these are works with the purpose to lift a website position in search engines by any inquiries of users.

Get rid this nonsense and do not apply knowledge of this area to the blog. The blog - for people, but not for robots. Forget about Yandex. Only Yandex. Blogs. Forget about Google and Rambler, they for you do not exist. Do not suffer with meta - descripton - take care of normal RSS better. Write headings not for searchers, and for people. Do not measure in messages 6% under klyuchevik. Generally, forget SEO as a bad dream, SEO only disturbs the blog.

the Second. Write, write and once again write.


to the blog about interesting, about useful, about new. Try to adhere to subject of the blog, at least approximately. I consider as the most optimum 1 post in two days. Someone without problems does a post in day, someone hardly squeezes out from himself two posts a week. But all the same try to write systematically. There is one very important point. Do not write just like that, from there is nothing to do. Sometimes happens, 1 post a week brings more useful to users, than 10 posts for the same week.

the Third. Comment.

Subscribe by

for all authoritative blogs in your subject (we will take for an example of bums. To be in a subject, it is necessary to be signed on blogs at least of 30 bums). Attentively read all their posts and if is what to tell - surely tell. But not just like that +1 or thanks, esteemed and it is expanded - ask questions, supplement, argue with the author. Naturally, leave the reference to the blog in a nickname. Almost all bloggers will surely look what person wrote this excellent comment and if your blog interesting seems to it - that at least will subscribe for it (and it means what in the future will come also, perhaps, more than once). Also many readers of a post will arrive. And surely subscribe for comments, or at least within 3 - 4 days you monitor comments to that note where left the comment.

Now we will pass to actions right after creation of the blog.

the First. Pay attention to registration.


you Will choose once and for all a template, scatter blocks - the last posts, headings (tags), authoritative blogs. Register the counter (WHETHER will be enough) if you want to watch the readers - put the feedburner`a counter, at the same time replace all RSS addresses with the address given to feedburner`om.

the Second. Tell about yourself.

Devote the first 2 - 3 posts to the description of of the favourite and blog. Write who you are, from where, how old are you than you are engaged. Describe subject of the blog. In certain cases describe also your assets, your purpose. It very much helps to judge the author of the blog, it is in this case better to avoid anonymity.

the Third. Fill the blog.

the Mistake right after it the blog will send offers to exchange references, requests for public relations on other blogs etc. to

to catalogs of blogs. For a start write, write and once again write, and also comment on others records. It should be added the blog only to RSS catalogs of Yandex. Blogs, Kanban, Plazoo, HeadLines, Technorati.

There passes time. Usually week. A quantity of notes in the blog is gathered. There are first readers and comments. 5 - 10 notes are written. Now it is possible to begin to do the following:

the First. Inform on the blog.

the blog Is a high time to add

to catalogs of blogs - WMas. Moscow time. ru, BlogDir, Directpry. Mblog. ru, TooDoo, Blogus, in services of social bookmarks - Bobrdobr, Memori, Mister - Wong, in the news websites - News2, Vaaau!, NewsLand. Naturally, it is necessary to be registered in these services, and existence of the pumped-over profile even more will improve a situation. It will light your blog, and also will transfer a quantity of visitors (depending on your literary abilities) that skonvertitsya naturally in subscribers and commentators. Why it is necessary to do it a week later? That the users who came on the blog saw really the blog, but not one note Test test test .

the Second. Put references to friendly blogs.

do not suggest to exchange references, just put references to blogs interesting to you and all. If from your blog pass many users - the owner of the blog all the same will notice it and will surely come (the statistics is loved and all look). Perhaps, it will give the reference to you in the next review most trafikogeneriruyushchy blogs, can - will write the review, can - will put the response reference. And in general it will be just pleasant to it.

To you, perhaps, requests for link exchange will come. It is not necessary to change like mad with anyone. Remember that SEO should forget - all only for users. If the blog is not pleasant to you - at once sweep aside it. It is ugly to arrange a garbage can and regret users

the Third. You post the interesting notes in social services of bookmarks and the news websites.

Some I gave

above. It is possible only in news. It will give you the interested users, and in case of approval of news - also an essential traffic. It is for this purpose convenient to use AllSubmitter. There is a small base where I shower references to the notes:

ru/add_story. php

vaau. ru/submit /

newsland. ru/News/Add /

ru/addurl. html

ru/link /

mister - wong. ru/add_url /

ru/post. php

ru/bookmarks / {vash_login}? action=add

rucity. com/bookmarks. PHP / {vash_login}? action=add

searchengines. ru/bookmarks. PHP / {vash_login}? action=add

Ya made him and constantly I add something new. Meanwhile news2, bobrdobr and mister - wong is in the lead.

There comes the third stage of development of the blog . If all did correctly, and write normal news, then by this moment you will have a considerable number of readers and active commentators. if you have really good blog, then it will be mentioned in many articles and to hold up as an example. To what moments it is worth paying attention?

the First. Here already it is possible to add advertizing unostentatiously.

But not ten flash - banners and Rich - windows (remember visitors!) and a small thematic banner, three - four ref - references, reviews of the services and goods. It will not prevent the blog and will allow to monetize a little it. Only be not overzealous - any not subject (to advertize billiard tables on the blog about marketing - nonsense top), any persistence (five a farm - banners in a row - too bad idea).

the Second. Write reviews of good blogs, both new, and old.

It is natural if you consider them interesting and useful. The owner of the blog will tell you only thanks and most likely will put on you a reference that will also attract a traffic (in difference from a web 1. 0, when following the link the user is not lost - the subscription remains, and from blogs the absolute majority never unsubscribes). And again - be not overzealous if your blog at all not about reviews of blogs.

Here, actually, and all. The history does not make sense to paint further life of the blog, at each blog. Some sink in hundreds of same blogs, from - for some there are large-scale movements and crowds of followers. At one - the usual ordinary blog, at someone - in absolutely new style. At all the

Everything depends on you, good luck!