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Condom. Check with addiction?

Yes, are such female profession - all day to sit and put on condoms. On the conveyor. In gloves, in a medical hat and a mask. To put on metal simulators of the original. And to check their (condoms) for durability. At full scale.

It is about production of rubber products No. 2 (the gas mask was number 1) as they were christened in due time in the USSR where, as we know, “ sex was not " at all;. And, the speech about modern production of elite and reliable condoms, each of which is made of natural high-quality latex which main component is the tree juice a hevea growing in Hugo - East Asia and Latin America. These are the German Sico® condoms.

Well, German - that quality does not need advertizing. And production it reminds frames of the fantastic movie of the future. A certain space laboratory with super - high - tech - technologies. You want to look?

Process of production of these delicate accessories bewitches. And checks with addiction on durability … There is no product which faultlessness already, apparently, and to doubt the bases, nevertheless, repeatedly and ruthlessly torment and test in every possible way as astronauts.

Samples and a tinder, also tear, and in the centrifuge twist, and heat, and beat with current, and inflate … How you think what volume has to contain the condom recognized qualitative and allowed to sale at inflation? 18 liters! That more and more time to be convinced for certain that protection is reliable.

Electric current by means of gentle brushes checks one and all products, and unit raising the slightest doubts in innocence is discarded at once, automatically. Therefore even the slightest microcracks and casual damages are excluded.

Series of such strict checks are carried out in several steps. At first in Germany, according to the European standards of quality, and then in Russia - both before packing, and after - according to requirements of GOST. Therefore it is no wonder that these condoms really guarantee protection against any troubles neolearnt with the naked eye, including (!) - from HIV - the infection leading to AIDS. The enemy will not pass! Sleep peacefully!

Truly history did not know such serious and responsible approach to this intimate question yet. And history of contraception is old as the world.

The very first, perhaps, evidence of emergence of a condom per se is its estimated image in a cave Grotte des Combarrelles (France) which age of 12-15 thousand years.

And the first historical document, kept for us the most ancient recipes of protection from undesirable pregnancy, there was Ebers`s papyrus written for one and a half thousand years B.C. According to it, during Nefertiti`s era the tampons impregnated with acacia juice, honey, pitch and salt were the most popular means.

In Ancient Japan were protected by means of bamboo leaves, and in Ancient China as material for condoms served the oiled silk paper or intestines of lambs.

The prototype of a modern condom appeared also in Ancient Egypt. During that time it was done of guts of animals. But it was used not for contraception and as ornament.

The science about contraception reached the highest blossoming at the time of Ancient Greece and Rome. The hedonism cult, that is receiving from life of the most various pleasures, demanded to find a reliable way how to indulge in carnal joys without fear to become pregnant. At the time of blossoming of orgies many doctors tried to solve this problem: so, Soran Efessky for prevention of conception advised to jump and go in the cart on the bumpy road. And Platon, Aristotle and Hippocrates described various spermitsidny solutions - was considered that the woman has to care for contraception.

In manuscripts of the Jewish and Muslim authors of the Middle Ages there are mentions of man`s contraceptive methods - such as, for example, an okunaniye of the member in pitch or onions juice.

In the XV-XVI centuries when in Europe terrible epidemic of syphilis raged (after visit by Columbus`s sailors of America), the talented Italian doctor Gabriel Fallopy invented a condom in modern understanding of this word - the linen sack impregnated with drugs.

Within three centuries there were experiments. Condoms did of guts of animals, of thin skin and fabric. The oldest of the remained condoms is stored in the English museum. This veteran of the sex industry was made of a fish bubble - 350 years ago. Being a product of reusable use, before the use it had to be soaked days in milk.

The first rubber condom appeared in 1855, after opening of a method of curing of rubber. In the USSR condoms appeared in 30 - e years of the 20th century when with assistance of the people`s commissar Beria was constructed Bakovsky plant of rubber products. However, quality of those condoms did not maintain any criticism.

Today, besides protection from undesirable pregnancy, condoms protect from all diseases, sexually transmitted, - and it is their major mission! For this reason requirements to their quality incredibly became tougher in recent years. And only really high-quality and reliable condoms, such as Sico® can conform to these requirements.

It is also necessary to note that the condom as a way of protection and protection against venereal diseases, was and will remain actual. Condoms reduce risk of development of inflammatory diseases of genitals and a cancer of a neck of a uterus, have no contraindications, do not influence an organism in general, and also are inexpensive and available, that is why they are always irreplaceable attribute of a gentlemen`s set.