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Article for di - Jay

Now - to Jay it is rather difficult to Russian di to make successful career. On the one hand, it is connected with popularity and mass character of DJ - professions. Now in Russia the huge number of new and new di - Jay appears. Therefore the competition increases, and it becomes harder and harder to get a job in clubs and on show - actions. Of course, financial crisis aggravates these difficulties. Many di - Jay during this period lose work and additional earnings in the form of office parties. Once you note also such reason of complexity of achievement of success in dj - activity, non-use of di - Jay of means of PR, marketing, advertizing and promotion. This problem is particularly acute very much, and its reasons are clear as few di - Jay are able to afford the services pr - experts. Di - Jay in most cases are not engaged (or not sufficiently are engaged) in advance of the creativity because of a lack of time or from - for absence of the necessary specialization.

I as the specialist in PR in the sphere of di - a dzheing, would like to give several advice how it is possible to increase the level of success of di - Jay in this article.

Success of di - Jay depends on set of many indicators. The main thing, for di - Jay - to define the main orientation and features of creativity and to accurately formulate them in presentation materials (in the creative biography, on own the Internet - a resource, in the creative concept etc.) To define creative identity, di - Jay needs to answer questions: In what feature, brightness and originality of my creativity? What do I am as di - Jay? What the value of my creativity consists in? How I am allocated or I can be distinguished from competitors? What would I like to introduce in the creativity? What the main thing in my creativity? What can I surprise public with? What new I can make in di - a dzheing?

The di is narrower - Jay will define creative identity, the better as he will become noticeable to potential customers at once.

Besides, it will be more attractive to customers if di - Jay formulates the identity most accurately as at once it will become clear how it is possible to cooperate with this di - Jay as it is the most favorable to present him to public. Besides, a top - management of clubs or companies will agree to work with bright, creative di more willingly - Jay who knows in what its value and has original approach to work.

I would advise di - to Jay to create the creative concept (or the concept of a scenic image), where in detail to describe the identity as di - Jay. This document will allow di - to Jay to understand whom they are. This concept can be altered and supplemented with new ideas and the principles always.

In order that to make this document, it is necessary to analyse Russian (it is possible also foreign) dj - the market, to study features of other di - Jay. It is also necessary to understand that di - Jay wants to tell the creativity, to answer the above-stated questions and to define target audience of di - Jay (that is for whom di - Jay creates music).

If di - Jay wishes to achieve success, he needs to create individual image and style as it is necessary to be distinguished from other di - Jay. It is possible to address the professional stylist who will make the concept of image and style. Dee - Jay can also independently work over the image and style. The main thing - to reflect in clothes, accessories, a hairdress character and lines, inherent di - to Jay, his identity.

Behavioural aspects are also important element in advance of di - Jay. Dee - Jay has to decide how he will behave with audience and potential customers.

Dee - to Jay needs to pay attention to presentation materials, they are the main instruments of advance of di - Jay and his creativity. Dee - to Jay needs to do periodically a photo - sessions. For a photo - session, naturally, needs to prepare. It is necessary to define a reason for shooting, an image of di - Jay (or several images), style of shooting, to pick up clothes, a hairdress, meyk (generally, to create the concept for a photo - sessions). Photos are necessary to di - Jay for placement on the Internet - resources, registrations of mixes and albums, production of posters and posters. Besides, photos are very necessary at interaction with customers and administrations of clubs.

Dee - Jay should create the competent creative biography as it also is the main presentation means. Creating the biography, it is necessary to try to interest as much as possible audience and customers in the creativity. There is no need to do too volume biography, it is quite enough 1 - 2 sheets A4. It is necessary to reflect identity and originality of di in the biography - Jay, his achievement. The biography has to be supplemented constantly with new information on di - Jay, static character will mean that di - Jay does not develop.

Dee - Jay needs also in own the Internet - a resource. The main thing that the website was informative, easy in use and it was often supplemented with new interesting information.

I advise di - to Jay to make presentation mixes for the presentation to management of clubs and companies.

It is also important that di - Jay was registered on all possible resources which are devoted to di - Jay and show - business in general.

In communication with customers and di`s partners - Jay has to profess business approach as it increases di`s level - Jay in the opinion of managers and administrators, they can count on stability in the relations with di - Jay.

- to Jay to carry out all organizational work of di very difficult therefore it is desirable to employ the manager or the director who would help di - Jay with his work. Besides, existence of administration testifies to the high status of di - Jay.

Dee - Jay should pay attention to PR as it promotes increase of attention of audience and customers to di - Jay, and also increase in the fee. - to Jay in connection with his public activity it is easy for Dee to strike up communications and acquaintances which will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, at least, partially di - Jay can carry out PR - activity, thanks to this cooperation. Besides, information on themselves can be distributed in the companies which are engaged in the organization of corporate actions or in the large companies which constantly hold such events. It is also possible to send a presentation package to booking - agencies and the Russian more or less large clubs.

It is important to communicate also with mass media. It is the best of all to call editorial offices of magazines, newspapers, the Internet - portals which write about the club industry and show business, to tell about itself, to propose the candidacy as the commentator of any events, parties, show - programs, to learn e - mail by which it is possible to communicate, then to write the detailed letter and to send to employees of these editions. Besides, from mass media it is possible to conclude agreements on partnership, free performances, and from mass media - the publication about this di - Jay of information will be a condition from di - Jay.

In this article I noted highlights to which di - Jay should pay attention to increase success level. In the following publications I will consider means and methods of the presentation of di in more detail - Jay, and also the rule of creation pr - strategy for di - Jay and the plan of advance of creativity of di - Jay.

I hope, my work will help you to achieve success! Very much it would be desirable to learn your opinion on my article therefore I will be grateful for comments.