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Whether the fly agaric is useful?

About mushrooms exist many various legends, fairy tales and rumors, one love them, others belong with care, and some just in panic are afraid of them. Such relation to mushrooms has under itself the reasons, but not mushrooms, but people who from - for the ignorance often get into difficult situations which sometimes come to an end with a lethal outcome are guilty of it. It is interesting that animals never get into such situations as they know what mushrooms are suitable in food and what are not present.

Therefore also to the person before mushrooming in the wood, it is necessary to study them carefully. Often poisonous mushrooms are very similar on edible, and inexperienced mushroom pickers sometimes come across this trick of the nature. But from history it is known that many poisonous mushrooms, at observance of certain rules of preparation, can be eaten.

Well, and what many mushrooms long since use in various branches of production, probably, is known to each school student. For example, useful properties of barmy mushrooms were applied by people still in the ancient time in winemaking and at preparation of the test, and a little later useful properties of mushrooms began to use also for preparation of some dairy and other food.

It is interesting that scientists still did not come to the general opinion to what kingdom to carry mushrooms: to a kingdom of plants or to a kingdom of animals and therefore this miracle of the nature has the status of mysterious and mysterious live organisms so far. Here what is written about mushrooms in the encyclopedic dictionary:

Mushrooms, one of kingdoms of live organisms (earlier carried to the lowest plants). Combine signs as plants (an immovability, top growth, existence of cellular walls, etc.) and animals (geterotrofny type of an exchange, chitin availability, formation of urea and dr). Over 100 thousand types .

Now when we have more or less fair idea of mushrooms, we will pass directly to a subject of this work. As it is known the nature creates nothing useless, it is just necessary to know how it is possible to take these or those properties of natural resources with advantage. For example, from a poisonous mushroom of a penicillium, the first antibiotic by means of which, during World War II, many lives were saved was received in due time.

Therefore there is nothing surprising now that from many poisonous mushrooms receive medicines.

In France from a fly agaric prepare sleeping pill. On a basis mukhomorapoluchen the preparation agarikus muskarius applied modern medicine at angiospasms, epilepsy, quinsy and functional violations of activity of a spinal cord. Tincture from it has the antineoplastic and immunostimulating effect. Ointment on the basis of fly agarics - an effective remedy at radiation injuries of skin and mucous membranes, x-ray and allergic dermatitis.

Fly agarics (Amanita) - a sort of mushrooms from family of mukhomorovy or amanitovy (Amanitaceae). These are large lamellar mushrooms with a hat of almost any color: white, yellow, red, green, brown Disputes at these mushrooms white or almost white. Plates remain always white or slightly yellowish too. The majority of fly agarics are poisonous, some - are fatally poisonous. But is also edible is a cesarean mushroom, a fly agaric it is gray - pink and a float.

A mushroom with a bright red hat and with white spots - one of the most beautiful forest inhabitants, but at the same time is also the most poisonous. But, if for someone this handsome constitutes danger of death, then for deer and elks he serves as medicine which helps them to get rid of worms. If necessary, these large animals easily find the necessary mushroom and with pleasure eat it.

Still the ancient doctors applying it in the medical practice knew about medicinal properties of a fly agaric. From history it is also known that Ancient Greek athletes before competitions ate a small piece of a fly agaric, obviously, serving to athletes as a peculiar dope which helped them to cheer up. History also knows a set of examples when sorcerers and witches or as they are called now - folk healers, used a fly agaric for treatment of patients.

Especially there are a lot of mentions of the use of a fly agaric as stimulator or the curing medicine it is possible to find in descriptions of life of the northern people. For example, Vikings often used a fly agaric on the eve of fight. Researchers claim that next day during fight soldiers became fearless and resolute, and also became tolerant to pain. It is known, as the Cossack ataman Yermak (? - 1585) indulged before fight of the combatants pieces of some dried-up mushroom possessing narcotic properties.

Application of a fly agaric in traditional medicine of the people of the North and the Far East also has long traditions. Inhabitants of Alaska, Chukotka and Kamchatka since ancient times resorted to services of a fly agaric. In these regions apply various water and spirit tinctures of a fly agaric to treatment of rheumatism, tumors of glands, tuberculosis and diseases of nervous system to this day. On Chukotka with success applied a poisonous mushroom at treatment of eczema, gout and sclerosis, and applied special tincture from a fly agaric as tonic to removal of physical fatigue. In confirmation of special popularity of a fly agaric on Chukotka also rock paintings on which fly agarics in the form of human figures are represented testify.

It is necessary to add to all aforesaid that the red fly agaric is as well drug - very strong hallucinogen. Concentration of narcotic and toxic agents in each concrete mushroom depends on mushroom subspecies, on the district where it grows, climatic conditions and many other factors. Effect of poisons and hallucinogens usually begins in 30 - 40 minutes after application therefore it is often difficult to rescue a grief - the experimenters who decided to make psychodelic experiments.

Are a chemical composition of a fly agaric muskarin, mustsinat, betainovy acid and other connections from the category of hallucinogens.

in an hour after the use in food of this mushroom a human face lights up, pupils extend, and the body falls into a shiver. Such excitability and liberation developed into ritual dancings and chants. But happened that everything came to an end with violent tricks and even suicide. Not without reason at researchers and some people of Siberia the fly agaric received the name mushroom mad . To eat it to cause the corresponding state, in the Siberian tribes it was allowed to the elite only, that who was able to reach ecstasy and to derive from this benefit. By the way, among rock paintings on Chukotka archeologists found images of the fly agarics similar to the person.

As it was told above, occur among fly agarics also such which cause only hallucinations. Knowing it, some thrill-seekers resort to services of the amusing mushrooms to fall into a condition of a nirvana or to receive a certain creative incentive.

But to experiment with these mushrooms without certain experience and knowledge - business dangerous as they are very similar to the poisonous relatives, and the mistake is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

But fly agarics, as well as all live organisms, are an important link of an ecosystem and play a significant role in wood life, interacting with a plant and animal life.