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How to avoid problems with leaving prirodno - a smoke smog?

How to avoid unpleasant consequences of unexpected natural cataclysm which was formed from combustion of peat bogs and which strongly affected lives of certain people, the countries?

The smog was, is and will be. And if about continuous air pollution in the cities we know and it already not strongly disturbs us, what to do with prirodno - a smoke smog?

To listen to an audio recording with a detailed explanation.

A smog (from English smoke - smoke and fog - fog ) - this recently acquired our civilization the atmospheric phenomenon which was for the first time described in 1905. The smog is the disperse system consisting of various particles from 10 -7 and to 10 -3 m in the diameter, various degree of transparency and structure.

Appears owing to air pollution, mainly in the large cities and industrial centers.

Speaking more simply, the smog is a dry fog in which the place of moisture was taken by particles of dust and a smoke.

Bred many articles frightening by smog consequences supposedly in the fall the population otgrebt consequences at full scale. The Smog left - problems remained .

Whether really there was a danger to our health after the smog left? And what to do to keep itself and relatives.

To make the correct decision and to make useful efforts, deeper understanding of the events in a human body is necessary.

For emergence of understanding it is possible just to ask itself several questions (or to listen to an audio recording with a detailed explanation).

Questions for reflection:

, What is more harmful? A natural smoke with which the human body is able to cope or a toxic smog?

, What is more noticeable? Daily continuous destruction of health or severe shake-up?

whether the Truth that smoke of air leads to so serious consequences?

whether carbon monoxide is So toxic? What degrees of poisoning with carbon monoxide are and how they are treated?

As prirodno - the smoke smog influences a healthy organism?

And how on an organism in a condition of exhaustion of protective resources?

connected with cataclysm What aspects of my health were better shown this summer?

mass media collect attention - as it is used? What and whose benefits, what steps for achievement of health of certain people?

What consequences of stay in the center prirodno - a smoke smog?

In what the true reason of high incidence and lethal outcomes? This sharp poisoning or a decompensation of the exhausted protective systems of an organism?

Small reference:

Moscow is a part of a habitual smog (Wikipedia):

Benzpyrene, nitrogen dioxide, phenol and formaldehyde. Condensates of heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) .

Benzpiren is strong carcinogen, (i.e. promotes development of tumors), in particular, causes leukoses, congenital uglinesses. The mechanism of action is connected with embedding (intercalation) of its molecules in molecules DNA.

Condensates of heavy metals cause changes in blood, internal injuries, lag in physical development of children, etc.

Simple test of a condition of warm and pulmonary system:

the Assessment of a condition of warm and pulmonary system is made by the simple ladder test. Rise by the 5th floor if there is short wind - means, there is an occasion to think of a state of health.

the Short facts for comparison of a smoke and toxic smog

1. Smoke smog. the Main negative consequences prophesy

from - for poisonings with carbon monoxide and from - for penetrations of a large number of particles of a smoke into lungs. Let`s look briefly (detailed analysis - in an audio recording):

Easy degree of poisoning with carbon monoxide is treated by a black-fruited mountain ash jam and teas.

Natural particles of a smoke - are removed by eyelashes of a vibrating epithelium, kashlevy and sneezing reflexes, breath and secretion from mucous membranes. Thus, they cannot get deep into an organism though cause considerable discomfort.

The most dangerous part prirodno - a smoke smog - carbon monoxide (WITH). Natural poisonous gas, without color, flavourless. It is used in medicine with the medical purposes.

At hit in an organism contacts hemoglobin (erythrocytes), forming carboxyhemoglobin. Erythrocyte life term - 3 months. Clarification of blood from WITH happens much earlier, especially at sufficient saturation of blood oxygen.

The healthy organism easily copes with these questions! Till winter you can significantly restore health even a free complex from 5 exercises.

2. City smog

Toxic substances of a city smog get into an organism almost freely, and strike practically all organism, spreading with blood on a body.

There is no natural mechanism of protection.

Respectively process of poisoning happens imperceptibly, the organism gradually compensates chronic poisoning, but its resource is not infinite. Toxins are removed by a liver, kidneys, a pancreas, lungs and skin which are also injured.

What to do? What recommendations for improvement of health?

to Move from zones, life-threatening. Or at least consciously to approach what price we and our relatives pay for the opportunities given by big cities.

To lead a healthy lifestyle:

1) Reasonable behavior, avoiding of dangerous and unhealthy situations. Life in the city does not belong to reasonable behavior.

2) Disposal of addictions. On the example of smoking you can be convinced that it is easy.

3) Physical exercises. Their set. Now a century of high technologies not only in equipment, but also in sport.

Such expensive principles in application as supercompensation, were available only when training Olympic champions earlier. Now they becomes available to ordinary people. For example, free free minicourse 5 exercises of Goltis - takes only 15 minutes in 2 - 3 days and results strike even specialists in rehabilitation.

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4) Respiratory gymnastics (in Goltis`s exercises the special type of breath) is applied by

5) Food - a subject, on importance equal with physical exercises. You will find tables and ratings of products, recipes of healthy and tasty food in Goltis`s recommendations.

Unfortunately, the format of article does not allow to make detailed recommendations, and for deeper acquaintance with a subject I recommend:

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The same principle is the cornerstone of physical trainings and as the locomotive extends your state of health on decent level very quickly.

What is Architecture of a body? - research.