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How to get rid of extensions?

Without surgical intervention? In any way - you will answer. Also you will be wrong. In fact, striya or of an extension on skin are displays of microinjuries. And any microinjuries will respond to treatment. Certainly, at their timely detection.

From - for what striya appear?

of the Reason, causing emergence of extensions, are various. Treat risk factors:

Hormonal violations. the Endocrine system regulates the vital processes proceeding in an organism. The failures in its work arising during pregnancy during puberty or a menopause, can cause decrease in elasticity of skin. Reception of hormonal preparations increases risk of emergence of extensions for 15 - 17%.

Intensive weight loss and set of weight. Extensions at pregnancy arise also often, as well as in time diets. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition are convinced: monthly loss in weight has to make no more than 2% of body weight. Otherwise it is not excluded that even cream from extensions for pregnant women will be powerless.

Genetic predisposition. Striya - result of a rupture of connecting fabric. Its elasticity in many respects is defined by skin type. And, of course, genetics.

Statistically, of 90% of pregnant women and 68% of women of childbearing age suffer from - for extensions . Therefore if you believe that striya - a far-fetched problem, are forced to afflict you. It can concern everyone. whether

Can prevent formation of extensions?

Certainly and. For this purpose it is not necessary to carry out the special rejuvenating procedures. It is enough to adhere to a proteinaceous diet. And to use the moisturizing creams stimulating production of collagen. Proteins are construction the materials participating in regeneration processes. They are responsible for restoration of connecting fabric and interfere with its gaps. Similar action preparations on the basis of Retinolum possess.

How to clean extensions?

Removal of extensions - problematic procedure. Nevertheless, if you did not manage to keep elasticity of skin, you should not despair.

Treatment of extensions mumiyo

of Mumiyo ( mountain " pitch;) represents a powerful natural concentrate which part more than 30 biologically active components are. Interacting with epidermis, they:

processes of regeneration,

promote restoration of lipidic balance,

skin fibers,

and, above all - striya on " allow to reduce; is not present .

Mumiyo approaches all-type skin. Also has no contraindications to application. Therefore it is no wonder that physicians call mountain " pitch; only alternative to expensive operations .

What is more effective: integral or tableted mumiyo from extensions?

Distinguish cleared mumiyo and tablets on the basis of its extract. At production of the last mountain " pitch; gives in to special processing and preservation therefore loses the initial properties. In the course of tabletting extract mumiyo connects to chemicals. Sometimes not only useless, but also harmful to an organism.

What form mumiyo is more effective? The answer is obvious. Therefore if cream from extensions is necessary for you, forget about ready preparations. Certainly, they are convenient in application. But whether you with their help will be able to achieve desirable result? Very doubtfully.

How to prepare cream on a basis mumiyo?

to prepare a bioactive preparation from extensions, 2 g cleared mumiyo in a teaspoon of boiled water are enough to dissolve

. After that it is necessary to mix the received weight from 80 - 100 g of children`s cream or other means on care of a body. Similarly it is possible to prepare oil from extensions . The ready-made product should be stored in the refrigerator as mumiyo - perishable raw materials.

Procedure of preparation of cream takes less than 10 minutes. For women who for years hesitate of own body it is a justified waste of time. If not to tell more. Therefore if you want to get rid of annoying whitish spots, think of acquisition mumiyo, application which:

will return to your skin elasticity and elasticity,

will give it a healthy, well-groomed look,

and, above all - will allow to forget about extensions forever.

of Mumiyo is a painless solution of painful problems. The medicine presented to us by the nature. Its efficiency is documented by the Moscow medical academy of M. I. Sechenova and specialists of the Federal immunological center.

really works with
of Mumiyo. Be convinced by

of it.