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How to get rid of spots?

Youth - a cheerful time of romantic expectations and happy hopes. As gentle graceful girls as ardent stately young men are beautiful are good and fresh!

But, unfortunately, for many of them this gold time is saddened by continuous fight against artful enemies of the blossoming beauty - spots and eels.

Spots - who is guilty?

Responsible for so unpleasant problem are sebaceous glands, more precisely - their hyperactivity which is connected with puberty, with a hot season, with hormonal changes.

Surplus of the emitted skin fat clog up pores and form traffic jams which break normal work of sebaceous glands. In each problem corked follicle bacteria begin to breed, the inflammation develops and there is abscess - a spot which sometimes reaches the impressive sizes and delivers to the owner a great deal of trouble: from modest appearance to very discomfortable pain.

But the most unpleasant - even after there passes the inflammation, on skin sometimes there are hems, especially after not really successful attempts independently to squeeze out intolerably disturbing spot. To get rid of such hems happens quite difficult, sometimes they and remain on skin for the rest of life.

What to do?

Unfortunately, to people with fat skin even at the most careful leaving developing of an acne is very difficult to exclude

completely. However some simple rules will help to minimize them:

1. Especially carefully keep clean personal hygiene means (pillowcases, towels, etc.) as bacteria from dirty linen before surprise actively and productively provoke inflammations on skin.

2. Never squeeze out spots independently. Besides that the wrong manipulations leave not esthetic hems on your skin, it causes immediate emergence of the new centers of an inflammation and distribution of an infection at hit of pus to the area of healthy sites of skin.

3. Choose for a decorative make-up of means with the easiest texture. Whenever possible try to avoid use of proofreaders and it is ruddy.

4. Surely wash away a make-up for the night!

5. Use for leaving special cosmetics for problem skin.

6. Reduce amount of greasy food, consume more clear water, greens, fresh vegetables and fruit.

the Express - means

exists Today a set of means which can help to remove an annoying inflammation effectively and quickly.

As a rule, azelainovy or salicylic acid, possessing the drying and antiseptic action is a part of cream of this sort. Among the most popular brands - Skinoren, Clearasil.

Recently on counters of drugstores new practical means for the express - treatments of spots - hydrocolloidal plasters from spots " appeared; Extraplast Beauty .

These plasters represent small circles (diameter of 12 mm) with the hydrocolloidal layer applied on them which are glued directly on the inflammation center. The hydrocolloidal layer adsorbs the pus which is contained in a spot, extending it on a skin surface also creates a special environment which interferes with reproduction of bacteria and promotes fast regeneration of skin.

It helps not only to eliminate an inflammation, but also to prevent formation of hems (plasters are effective and in case you is unintentional knocked over spot). Extraplast Beauty are almost imperceptible on skin - they can be used both at night, and in the afternoon (having slightly disguised from above foundation).

Of course, the express - means are good when it is necessary to eliminate local educations. If it is about severe forms of an acne - alas, such problem cannot be solved in one day. It demands an integrated approach, connected not only with use of special cosmetics, but also with change of a way of life and diet. It is also desirable to receive medical treatment if the acne is a consequence of a disease.

However as means of ambulance for the emergency elimination of an inflammation and reddening on a foreground which suddenly saddened happy life, convenient plasters Extraplast Beauty - excellent effective option.