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Rent on Aphrodite`s island of

to the Foreigner leasing the house in Cyprus is simpler to hand over it to tourists through the realtor company. The standard rule by which it is necessary to have a stable source of the income for payment on a mortgage loan and not to rely only on the income from rent then was approved if the house is bought with use of the credit and its size more than 50 percent of the price housing.

Residential real estate in Cyprus to tourists according to the law, data on the income is entered in the declaration, the owner of real estate will be obliged to pay a tax on this income.

Rent can be for the period of rest and for long term. Rent short-term is more interesting to the owner, than rent for long term, that is within a year and longer, the size of the income from rent for long term is at the level of 3 - 4 percent from the price of the object. Rent for small term is more attractive, and all - many lessors can suit such income from housing. If to lease to tenants for small term the apartment or a country house, then it is very convenient to have a rest also to the owner in her when it is necessary. Rent for short term is more profitable long-term on several potsent, to earn from it there is opportunity not less than five percent from the price of the apartment or the house. Rent for small term is designed for tourists and is in demand as it costs much less hotel under equal or best conditions. It is quite difficult to argue with the fact that short-term rent turns out more favorable to tourists. The group of several people can freely live in 2 - 3 - room spacious apartments near the sea for about hundred - hundred fifty euros in one days in the summer, during a low season or for long term rent costs cheaper. Thus, removing a country house or apartments for rest, the group as a result receives completely equipped house with all furniture, conditioners and kitchen equipment, the municipal or personal pool, usually within walking distance from the sea and overlooking a sea smooth surface, and such housing if to consider on one person there is more attractively at the price, than a room in hotel. In the removed real estate there can live the family. In what price it will manage in hotel?

If the owner of real estate does not live on the island all the time, then it is necessary to get the apartment or the house in those areas where rent of housing is demanded among tourists and in off-season, and not just only in the summer: it is possible to live in the summer in the resort house, and the income even will make five percent in the winter. For the subsequent leasing of the building it is better to prefer Pathos. Pathos - the well-known resort - is popular with the Scandinavian and British tourists, especially advanced age: in the summer in Cyprus to be it too hot, and here off-season is much more comfortable here, than in the winter in their northern countries, in this regard in off-season tourists of this category very much like to leave to Cyprus, spend with pleasure the time and, by itself here, rent for this purpose apartments and houses. Unlike the settlements which are guided by a summer season, Pathos and Limassol - important resorts - are able to provide the full-fledged range of services all the year round and not to reduce their range.