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You want to learn English in a new way? Glance in EShKO!

Modern realities are that that without knowledge of English which became language of the international communication it is difficult to feel as the member of the world community fully. Integration of society promptly happens at all levels, not only in policy: we travel much, we study culture and life of other people, we start new acquaintances to residents of the different countries by means of the Internet. And, you see, if at the same time you do not own any of foreign languages, then you feel, at least, uncertainly.

But it is fixable, and in rather short terms! The European School of Correspondent Training (ESCT) offers essentially new course of studying of English - English for beginners extra. In a basis of this course the new concept - Edutainment (education + entertainment) turning studying of language into a peculiar communicative game is put. Process of training happens not only fascinatingly, but also is effective, taking into account the most modern educational technologies and long-term practices of EShKO.

Course English for beginners extra is supplied with a large number of color illustrations - it provides the most effective digestion of material as makes active various channels of perception of information, in particular - visual. It is not for nothing said that a picture is worth a thousand words, than seven times to hear. Supply of lexical and grammatical material is made intensively, thanks to dialogues from the daily situations which are often found in the course of communication in other countries. Such specific lessons of speech practice create effect of immersion on language Wednesday and allow to adapt and be prepared perfectly for communication in English.

For working off of all language skills (reading, audition, conversation and the letter) it is aware the most various tasks are offered: listening of modern songs, crossword puzzles, work with illustrative material, psychological tests etc. For continuous self-checking keys to all exercises are given.

Each lesson is followed by an audio recording on CD, and this not just traditional scoring of the new words, expressions and dialogues presented in text option is and additional exercises which are offered to be executed only on an audio recording and only in case of difficulties to address the text posted in the separate section of the educational magazine. Listening of audiomaterials will help you to improve a pronunciation and will facilitate understanding of oral speech.

The program of a course is made so that each student could master it independently. All materials (magazines, a compact - disks with audiomaterials etc.) are sent you by mail directly on the house. It is necessary only to choose for himself suitable rate of training and to start study. For fuller acquaintance with the course English for beginners extra can download and look at a trial lesson. But you will not remain alone with the questions arising in the course of training. Throughout all this time to you the personal teacher will help - to check homeworks and if necessary to give advice on further studying of training materials. For expeditious interaction with the teacher the possibility of performance of homeworks online is provided.

The principles of training in EShKO are invariable for many years: simplicity and availability of a statement of material, interesting plots and hot topics, the thought-over registration of exercises and the convenient mode of occupations - all this provides a good result for short terms. After the first occupations you will feel much more surely! Still slightly - slightly - it is also possible to be shipped outward, to test the gained knowledge in practice.

Course English for beginners extra - for the persistent, purposeful, independent people opened for new and appreciating creative. Upon termination of a course you can receive the Certificate of EShKO of the established and/or special sample, and also use our EShKO preferential partner programs.

Do not postpone studying of English for later life will not wait, it goes further, and knowledge is necessary here and now. English for beginners extra is that will help you to keep up to date and accelerate the personal growth. If you are ready to it - make out the application and start study, without losing day.