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Bright fires, big city . - York it is good to whom to live in New?

the Screen version of the first novel of the American writer James McInerney, unlike the book which became the best-seller, did not cause a stir among the audience. For James Bridges ( City cowboy ) this movie, unfortunately, became the latest director`s work, and the latest work at cinema in general - the scenario written to them for Clint Eastwood`s tape White hunter, black heart (1990).

the Movie, being rather close adaptation of the book, tells about a week from life of a young nu - the York yuppie Jamie Conway. Jamie is the typical representative gold youth of the eightieth. His light plans (novel) - in the future, and in the present - the whole lots of psychological and social problems.

Having left a home after death of mother, Jamie ceased to see the father and the younger brother Michael, having completely plunged in decomposing a brain and I smother the atmosphere Big " apple;. Dreaming of career of the writer, he gets a job in fashionable glossy magazine Gotem where instead of creative activity is engaged in what corrects strangers, sometimes absolutely dull and flat texts, and checks information specified in them for reliability. Work at Jamie is not argued because, in - the first, he hates it, and in - the second, he did not have relations with the chief dried and scrupulous Klara (Frances Sternkhagen).

Having hasty married nice Amanda (Phebe Keyts), the promising young graphomaniac did not think that the poor girl from Arkansas just decided to break through at his expense in the big city and to promote model. As soon as concluded the favorable contract with it, Amanda threw Jamie and left the guy in an emotional turmoil. Unloved work, a gap with the beautiful young wife - just trifles in comparison with daily addiction of Jamie to cocaine and alcohol. It is no wonder that the guy periodically has strange visions, thank God, so far only in a dream. Nevertheless Jamie in the existence resolutely does not observe anything iridescent. And when to it it is bad (that happens very often), to it, it appears, even plainly and to be cried there is nobody. Well if the fellow worker because the best friend Tad (Kiefer Sutherland) can only pour coke listens or throw the girl for the evening, and does not maintain the relations with Jamie`s relatives...

All - the psychological drama - very thin, thoughtful genre. Here the main thing not to fall into routine, not to forget that you shoot film, but do not describe property. James Bridges fell short. He honestly tried, it is visible, and places even turned out, but in general - fell short. Its work obviously lacks any impulse, a power source to strengthen emotional intensity of emotions and to force the viewer to empathize sincerely the main character performed by Michael Dzh. Fox.

Here is how there are no times to actors of claims any. Michael Dzh. Fox, being on a glory wave after the tapes Back in the future and Secret of my success in 27 years decided that time to depart from an image of the lovely boy came. I cannot tell that it managed it for all hundred percent because the impression that clean drugs and a jacket with a tie - and before you the same Martie Makflay develops in places all the same.

A year later to the actor everything is it was succeeded to prove to be in absolutely other foreshortening, but for this purpose he had to get into the jungle of Vietnam in the military drama of Brian De Palma Military losses . Then sequels " followed; Back in the future 2 and 3 and Fox ceased to bother destiny, and having remained in memory of many audience a star - the teenager. Unfortunately, at the end of 90 - x the actor left game cinema as in 1991 began to suffer from attacks of an illness of Parkinson even more often. Nevertheless he continues to live, create actively and, seldom appearing in a shot, from time to time publishes books and sounds animated characters.

Not bad Kiefer Sutherland, whose character, Tad Ellagash, the best friend Jamie on night sorties and irrepressible consumption of white powder played a role, left very truthful. Tad - the typical playboy, at which everything is grabbed, is paid for everything . It has acquaintances here and there, it is accompanied eternally by beautiful girls, but inside Tad has a gaping emptiness from which it is difficult to expect sympathy or appreciation.

Bright fires, big city despite magnificent camerawork (as always) Gordon Willis, at which behind shoulders Selig Woody Allen and Godfather Coppola, it turned out too routine, oversaturated by unnecessary details, persons, talk. Bridges`s picture lacked the most important - an essence because all the main, drama, part of a tape fell on the last half an hour, having forced the viewer to overestimate hasty all motives and acts of the main character.

Unfortunately, the movie at Bridges turned out disposable, not clinging feeling. In the homeland the tape naturally failed in hire because the viewer did not accept either so literal treatment of history, or a new image of Fox. In completion of all the picture received R rating, most likely, for several episodes of the use of drugs because the violence and sex in the movie is not observed. In the future this subject will be developed by the talented director Darren Aronofsky, whose drama Requiem for dream much stronger and more.