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As people in centuries had dinner!

1 place: As researches showed, the menus of the last lunch sentenced to death in America do not differ in a variety. Most of people order French fries, on the second place - stakes, and on the third - hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Only one person ordered a duck on - Burgundian with artichokes, a garnish from a young asparagus and Beaujolais bottle. But he was not lucky: at the last minute its death penalty was replaced with three life imprisonments.

2nd place: Obed of a sumoist lasts two hours. Everything is washed down with beer. In a month one athlete nayedat on average for $

10 thousand 3 the place: until the end of the 19th century in Russia were frequent so-called Trial lunches . It was necessary to try not so much a dish how many the cook: cooks were serfs, and were bought for a long time.

4th place: in the middle of the century before last the solemn lunch was considered unsuccessful if during it at least one guest in a literal sense did not lose the tongue.

5th place: When in the student`s canteen of the Leningrad university three options of qualitatively various lunches appeared (with the corresponding dispersion of the prices), students are mathematicians, by analogy with the complex numbers consisting of the valid and imaginary parts began to call lunches respectively valid (35 rubles), complex (25 rubles) and imaginary (11 rubles).

6th place: Guests of the Russian tsars could try 150 - 200 dishes for one evening. The English ambassador Karleyl demonstrated that on one of lunches at Alexey Mikhaylovich 500 dishes were given.

7th place: the King - the Sun Louis XIV always ate only with hands. At the same time, he could eat a cup of chicken soup, without having spilled at all.

8th place: Ancient Romans ate sitting only during mourning. In all other days they ate reclining.

9th place: Expenses of revellers - landowners of the end of the 18th century on meals were enormous. Lunches were stylized under Neron and Justinian`s feasts: fir-trees, lying on swan`s down, dressed in purple, from gold ware, and dishes were given by the servants dressed by antique gods. Costs of cinnamon were one of the most essential expenses often: did not season with it a dish, and heated furnaces.

10th place: In a cave on the bank of the Republic of South Africa scientists dug out the most ancient lunch. It were the remains of the mollusks eaten by people which showed that 164 thousand years ago the person for the first time added the usual diet with seafood. Including mussels which the person eats with pleasure still.