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Talk to me, vorozheya

In department of economy were explained that fortunetelling, predictions, astrology it is possible to carry to section 93050 - providing other individual services and activity in the sphere of communication. And, as it is thought, under it it is possible to bring any charlatanism.

is frequent on the TV to the audience suggest to take part in draw of some valuable things or the large sum of money, but to become the participant, it is necessary to answer by phone very simple question, for example: What color snow: black or white? As soon as the person called, it was deceived. In one minute charge a certain fee. But such draws quite primitive are also calculated on naive, and recently there were facts which are perceived as fraud.

In newspapers and magazines can read the announcement: Conversation with real vorozhey the phone number and cost of one minute of conversation - 1600 Belarusian rubles is specified. And at the very bottom number of the certificate and when it was issued. The certificate of the individual entrepreneur also most interested, there was a wish to learn: under what activity at us fortunetellers fall?

showed me the certificate granted by Gorecki district executive committee addressed to L. V citizen department of advertizing In the regional Belarusian newspaper it turned out for the reason that without copy of the certificate the newspaper will not print the announcement. There is a L. also sent by fax the copy to Baranovichi. On the certificate instead of the photo a black spot though on other certificates in edition pictures are visible. Obviously, the fax cannot transfer a face of the fortuneteller (black magic?) .

In the certificate granted by L., several kinds of activity in which the businesswoman can be engaged are listed, but vorozheya under one did not approach. If it is specified that the person can repair footwear, then here everything is clear, and here about a destiny prediction - words.

Was necessary to call Gorecki district executive committee. The department of economy explained that fortunetelling, predictions, astrology it is possible to carry to section 93050 - providing other individual services and activity in the sphere of communication. By the way, this point the latest in the list. And, as it is thought, under it it is possible to bring any charlatanism - to declare itself the doctor of white magic, the world famous magician or the representative of aliens on Earth. And, nevertheless, all this as if is lawful. And the main thing that nobody at delivery of permission to business will ask the person whether he at least has vocational education because generally there is a factor of influence on mentality of the person, and it demands care.

I still: and what guessing by phone is? To clear a situation, asked the wife to call the specified numbers as the woman will not cause suspicion - men do not guess.

By phone which was specified in the announcement for reference took place the following conversation.

- Tell and how it is possible to guess without direct contact with the person, according to cards or still somehow?

- And why without contact, you call and already contact is. Also we tell fortune, only on cards, - the woman answered with a young voice.

- And you the professional in this case or at you from grandmothers and grandfathers - from relatives all this?

- four persons work For us, and it is their personal practice...

- the Registered individual entrepreneur cannot have hired workers today...

- you have a last, outdated advertizing, and we were already re-registered in ODO all as is necessary.

By the way, the announcement was printed shortly before a call.

From conversation is clear that business is put in a big way and not one fortuneteller, and whole four work with those who want to tell fortunes by phone.

A then number of paid phone was dialed. The fortuneteller`s task as long as possible to keep the client on a wire that the maximum number of minutes ran, and I could not afford it and therefore conversation continued two minutes. However, it was necessary to listen still to the recorder introduction, there also know the price to minutes - their bread.

- Tell and how at you it is possible to tell fortunes?

- we Will guess and I will look at you, - the girl surely declared.

- And how we will make it, when you come to the fortuneteller, you see: on a hand or she tells fortune, and you as?

- We too according to cards, but by phone...

Further conversation lost meaning because could last infinitely and be reflected in tens of thousands of rubles.

In a word, the fortuneteller is for four hundred kilometers and sees the client who speaks with it by phone.

A as guessed earlier? Displayed cards which needed to be pulled out, shuffled and shifted. This queen of spades, and this is a cherva, the jack laid down here, and the king - there was process which bewitched, kept the person in a tension. here we do not know

A whether the fortuneteller of the card in general displays. Most likely - no because in it there is no sense - the usual telephone chatter calculated on gawks and people who had a trouble. In the mountain of people does not know where to move and where to look for the help.

If section 93050 was precisely registered, then other individual services from abstract would become concrete and would benefit the majority from it.